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Harvest nears completion, pastures are done

Weekly Provincial Summary

  •  Good harvest weather allowed for excellent harvest progress across Manitoba. Harvest continues on the remaining flax, soybean, grain and silage corn, industrial hemp, alfalfa seed and potato acres.
  •  Sunflower harvest is just underway across Manitoba.
  •  The earliest seeded winter wheat has emerged but precipitation would help with germination and stand establishment.
  •  Precipitation would also be welcomed to aid in fall field work and replenishing soil moisture reserves and dugouts.

Southwest Region

Another week of no precipitation in the southwest region allowed producers to finish the remaining soybean acres and start on the corn and sunflower crops. Several evenings of frost have stopped all fall growth.

Soybean harvest is complete and most producers are reporting yields in the 25 to 35 bu./acre range with good quality. Some reports of corn harvested over the past week; quality is good and yields are average to above average. Little to no sunflower harvest has been done to date.

Acres of fall seeded crops are down from what was expected due to the dry conditions. Germination is spotty. Some producers may still plant winter wheat if rain occurs. Little to no fall work has been done as producers wait for some moisture to improve working conditions. Some fall spraying has been done.

Pastures are done for the year and several producers are moving cattle to fall grazing areas. Some producers started to feed livestock on pasture.

Dugouts dropped significantly and producers are looking for areas to move cattle where water is available.

Northwest Region

Harvest is nearing completion across the northwest region as dry harvest conditions continue.

The silage corn harvest continues with average to above average yield and quality. The hemp seed harvest is underway with reported yields ranging from 800 to 1,100 lbs./acre. The soybean harvest is general throughout the region with yields reported in the 45 to 50 bu./acre range. Flax yields are poor with yields of 12 to 15 bu./acre being reported. Buckwheat yields range from 8 to 30 bu./acre with variable quality; lower yields are where excess moisture was an issue during the growing season.

Fall field work is proceeding where suitable soil conditions allow. Dry soil conditions are impacting fall fertilizer applications.

Central Region

In the central region there was no significant rainfall during the last week and some ground drifting was reported due to the strong winds.

Harvest is winding down in the region. Yield reports for grain corn range from 70 to 135 bu./acre with moisture levels coming in from 15 to 20 per cent off the field.

Sunflower harvest has begun in the region with the first fields coming off at yields of 2,000 lbs./acre or higher. Sunflower harvest will continue throughout the week.

Soybean harvest is complete in the Altona, Winkler, Morden areas with Somerset, Treherne and Portage areas finishing up this week.

Edible bean harvest is complete in the main bean growing regions in Manitoba. Yields and quality were good this year and generally edible beans handled this year’s hot, dry conditions very well.

Potato harvest continues with yields being above average with some quality concerns.

Fieldwork is progressing slowly. Granular fertilizer application is occurring for both nitrogen and phosphate. No application of anhydrous ammonia is occuring due to the dry conditions. Field drainage work continues. Rainfall is needed for fall seeded crops to aid in germination, improve conditions for fall field work, improve hay and pasture conditions, and help replenish soil moisture reserves.

Cattle producers are concerned about winter water supplies. Some producers are looking to purchase hay in the central plains region.

Eastern Region

Seasonal to above-average temperatures with no appreciable rainfall accumulation characterized the eastern region last week.

Sunflowers continue to dry down with harvest expected to begin this week if weather conditions allow. About 90 per cent of soybean acres are harvested across the region with unharvested acres concentrated in northern districts. The average of reported yield is around 35 bu./acre with yields ranging from 25 to 50 bu./acre.

Corn harvest is occurring throughout the eastern region as northern districts began harvest towards the end of the week. Southern districts are almost complete while central districts are at least 50 per cent complete. The average reported yield is around 100 bu./acre with yields ranging from 75 to 150 bu./acre.

Flax harvest wrapped up last week with average yields of 15 bu./acre.

Winter wheat establishment in dry soil conditions is noted as a concern in the region. Fall tillage operations are also being affected by dry conditions.

The condition of the majority of pasturelands in the eastern region is rated as poor to very poor. Producers are feeding cattle on pasture and hauling water to livestock. Availability of livestock water is rated as 40 per cent inadequate across the eastern region.

In regards to winter feed supply level, hay is rated as 25 to 65 per cent adequate, straw is 80 to 90 per cent adequate, greenfeed is 70 per cent adequate and feed grains ranges from 25 to 80 per cent adequate.

Interlake Region

Fair weather throughout the week allowed for good harvest progress in the Interlake region. Harvest is complete in the South Interlake except for corn grain. Corn yields range from 90 to 140 bu./acre. Most crops are harvested in the north with only a few fields of canola and 50 per cent of the soybeans left. Soybean harvest is general in the north with yields ranging from 25 to 40 bu./acre. Alfalfa seed harvest is well under way with above average yields ranging from 250 to 900 lbs./acre.

Pastures are done with many producers supplemental feeding or grazing alternate pastures.



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