Granny’s Poultry Co-Operative Unveils Healthy New Direction

Consumers will soon be able to enjoy a new line of Granny’s poultry products with omega-3 derived from flaxseed. The farmer-owned co-operative is also working on other new products that have added fibre and reduced sodium and fat.

“We are adding value through nutrition and convenience by developing products that are nutritionally enhanced, and cater to today’s consumers and their busy lifestyles,” said chief executive officer Craig Evans.

“We want Granny’s to be recognized by people who are looking for healthier options at their local grocery store.”

The company also unveiled a new logo.

“Our new look captures the importance of our farmers as the core of our business and showcases Granny’s commitment to health and nutrition,” Evans said.

The co-operative was started more than 50 years ago by a small group of Mani toba farmers who wanted to ensure fair pricing for the consistently high-quality poultry they raised. By forming a co-operative, these farmers were able to pool their resources and support their businesses by more effectively marketing their locally raised chickens and turkeys.

The company began using the recognizable “Granny’s” trademark in 1950 as a product brand and in May 1979 incorporated the company as Granny’s Poultry Co-operative (Manitoba) Ltd.

This month, Granny’s also updated its website – found at– so that poultry lovers can find helpful nutritional information as well as simple and delicious recipes, such as New Delhi Style Grilled Turkey Kebabs, Lime-Chili Wingstix, and Goat Cheese Chicken Burgers.

Many of these new recipes are being developed by Chef Jason Wortzman, Granny’s director, marketing and product development.

“Chicken and turkey is a staple of most Canadians’ family mealtimes,” said Wortzman. “By merging new flavour trends and seasonal ity with tradi -tional tasty favourites, we are developing an exciting new repertoire of recipes that will be a hit with your family.”

On the website, consumers can also ask Winnipegbased registered dietitian Gina Sunderland their questions about nutrition.

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