Federal grant to study agroforestry

staff / The federal government has invested $160,000 into an Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District project to study how agroforestry can increase farmers’ productivity while mitigating their environmental impact.

The district will use the funding to study how agroforestry — the integrated approach of planting trees and shrubs on farms — can reduce the costs associated with livestock production and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will evaluate various beneficial management practices on the farm to see if they can be easily adopted by the farming community. Results of this research have the potential to reduce production costs, improve energy savings, and enhance nutrient cycling and biodiversity while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Funding for this project is through the Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program (AGGP), a five-year, $27-million initiative that focuses on the development of on-farm greenhouse gas mitigation technologies.



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