Farmers Edge releases road map

The company is promising a host of new digital agriculture tools

Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge.

A homegrown ag technology giant says it’s expecting to launch more than 90 new digital agronomic tools in the coming months.

Winnipeg’s Farmers Edge released a “comprehensive R&D road map” May 1, touting its ability to leverage data analytics and high-tech approaches like machine learning to enable “data-driven decision-making” that supports high-yield crop production.

Farmers Edge was an early entry into the field of high-tech agriculture and has been investing in digitizing the industry since 2014. Today it processes over 50,000 fields a day and analyzes over 11 billion data records.

Wade Barnes, president and CEO, says the drive is to base farm management decisions on data rather than marketing campaigns, traditional practices or gut instinct.

“The ability to gather and integrate detailed information from growers’ fields, coupled with advances in weather forecasting, rapid processing, predictive modelling, and machine learning, is changing farming from a business that often reacts to the past to one that uses data to support decisions for seasons ahead,” Barnes said.

Barnes says the company’s road map serves as a blueprint for how the industry can begin to utilize digital tools and transition from “precision agriculture to decision agriculture.”

Key tools planned for release include a FarmCommand mobile app, an alert system for crop health changes, a harvest manager and return-on-investment analysis for field treatment decisions.

For more information visit the Farmers Edge website.

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