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John Kellar, the former associate director for animal disease control at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, is not a codefendant in the BSE-related class-action lawsuit filed by Niagara Falls cattle producer Bill Sauer (“BSE-affected producers get their day in court,” Co-operator, March 12, page 33).

The class action’s particulars allege Kellar committed “misfeasance in public office,” not malfeasance as stated in the March 12 article. The Co-operator regrets the errors.

A risk assessment in May 1994 that rated the potential economic impact of BSE on Canada as high was conducted by the federal government, not by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as stated, and the British ban on ruminant-to-ruminant feeding of meat and bone meal was enacted in 1988, not 1998.

According to Sauer’s lawyer, Cameron Pallett, the federal government recently requested and received an extension of its March 31 deadline to file a statement of defence in the lawsuit. The government’s statement is now due April 6.



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