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City’s Sewage Discharges Detrimental To Lake Winnipeg

STAFF / Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) was quick to pounce on recent news reports that the City of Winnipeg has been discharging partly treated sewage into the Red River.

The news that the City of Winnipeg s South End Water Pollution Centre has been discharging up to 60 million litres of sewage into the Red River on a daily basis since Oct. 7 is very disturbing, a Nov. 4 release from KAP states.

It appears that releasing untreated or partially treated sewage into the rivers has become standard practice by the city, meanwhile the government of Manitoba is not focusing on preventing or regulating these releases which are unquestionably contributing to the degradation of Lake Winnipeg, said KAP president Doug Chorney.

Chorney said agriculture has been unfairly singled out as the main cause of Lake Winnipeg s water quality problems.

We are applying manure or fertilizer to land through controlled, science-based, government-regulated practices, while the city is discharging sewage directly into waterways without any consequences, said Chorney.

KAP says it is troubling that the City of Winnipeg appears to have no regular testing procedure in place to detect the presence of toxic chemicals in waste treatment plant discharges.

The Save Lake Winnipeg Act will fail to save Lake Winnipeg because it singles out farmers while offering solutions based on incomplete scientific information, the release said.

As farmers, we believe banning or severely restricting one sector of society is the wrong approach to solve the problems of the lake.



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