Certification and training for livestock transport

The federal government is giving $320,000 to the Alberta Farm Animal Care Association to help develop a certification program that will lead to training for livestock and poultry transporters.

The support is for an industry-led initiative to develop national standards for the safe and humane transport of farm animals to help address public concerns and ensure that the sector remains competitive in both domestic and international markets.

“Responsible animal care during transport is important for all livestock and poultry, and the fact that the Canadian Livestock Transport certification program has been an Alberta-driven initiative is a source of pride for our province as we develop a national program,” said AFAC’s executive director, Lorna Baird.

The association is working with a coalition of farm animal groups, the National Farm Animal Care Council, and other provincial councils towards a national multi-species transporter certification program. The program will be consistent with regulations governing the transport of animals and will address public concerns over the humane and safe transport of farm animals.



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