Air cleared at Canadian Grain Commission?

Manitoba Co-operator reporting discord among the Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) three commissioners has cleared the air around the CGC’s office, according to sources.

In March sources told the Co-operator there was division and mistrust among the commissioners, over Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s review of the Canada Grain Act and the CGC, which administers it.

It was alleged chief commissioner Patti Miller was pushing an “industry-friendly” agenda while assistant chief commissioner Doug Chorney and commissioner Lonny McKague, both farmers, were kept out out of the decision-making process.

“There isn’t mistrust,” Miller said in an interview March 18. “I have a huge amount of respect for both Doug and Lonny.

“Does that mean we agree on everything? Heavens no.

“Did Doug and Lonny have input into it as did I? Yes. Was it exactly how they wanted to see it? Perhaps not, but they are a voice and provide input into that process.”

Chorney and McKague declined a request for an interview. However, when asked about the issue here April 2 on the sidelines of the Keystone Agricultural Producers’ advisory council meeting Chorney said the following: “I have a professional working relationship with my fellow commissioners and I am more focused on our issues related to our work than any problem. We have no problem.

“The review is not led by the CGC…

“AAFC… is leading the process so I hope to have my chance to provide input in the review process and that’s my intent.”

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Allan Dawson

Allan Dawson is a reporter with the Manitoba Co-operator based near Miami, Man. Covering agriculture since 1980, Dawson has spent most of his career with the Co-operator except for several years with Farmers’ Independent Weekly and before that a Morden-Winkler area radio station.



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