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Low pre-Easter numbers at sheep and goat sale

Just five goats on sale at the February 3 sale

Winnipeg Livestock Auction had 120 sheep and goats delivered for the Feb. 3, 2016 sale. Not all classifications were represented in this smaller auction, which was following the pre-Easter-season pattern.

Selection for the ewe classification of ewes was limited, but still indicated a price difference between wool and hair ewes. A 170-pound Dorper-cross ewe brought $164.90 ($0.97 per pound). A group of two 138-pound wool ewes brought $161.46 ($1.17 per pound). A young 135-pound Cheviot-cross ewe brought $1.35.

Hair rams represented the ram classification. Weight or age did not appear to be an issue for the buyers. A 140-pound Dorper-cross ram brought $170.80 ($1.22 per pound). Two 113-pound Katahdin-cross rams brought $157.07 ($1.39). Two 150-pound Katahdin-cross rams brought $165 ($1.10 per pound).

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The heavyweight lambs were represented by a 120-pound Suffolk-cross lamb which brought $165.60 ($1.38 per pound).

The two groups of 98-pound market lambs brought $1.59 and $1.60 per pound. The heavier market lambs ranging from 103 to 106 pounds brought a price range from $1.47 to $1.61 per pound.

A group of fourteen 84-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $151.20 ($1.80 per pound). A group of 21 93-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $154.38 ($1.66).

Seven 75-pound Katahdin-cross lambs represented the lightweight classification at this sale. These lambs brought $135 ($1.80 per pound).


The goat selection remained very limited for this sale. No goat does were available. A 110-pound Alpine-cross goat buck brought $220 ($2 per pound). A 135-pound Boer-cross goat buck brought $235 ($1.74).

A 100-pound Alpine-cross wether brought $165 ($1.65 per pound). A 170-pound Alpine-cross wether brought $210 ($1.24).

A 70-pound Boer-cross goat kid brought $145 ($2.07 per pound).


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