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Sheep & Goat Sales – for May. 27, 2010


Lambs (lbs.)

110+ 95 -110

80 -94

Under 80

New Crop

$112 $176.20





$159.78 $175.41

Once again, the supply of sheep and goats was limited for the May 20, 2010 sale at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction. The local buyers were purchasing, as there will be only one sale per month, for the summer. This will create a higher demand for the various sheep and goats, at each sale.

The selection of ewes was not similar to the last sale, as could not be divided into lightweight ewes and heavier ewes. A group of Suffolk-cross ewes, 118 lbs., brought $159.30 ($1.35/lb.); and a group of 140-pound Suffolk-cross ewes, brought $112 ($0.80/lb.). Yet, a group of Suffolk-cross ewes and Rideau-cross ewes at 218 lbs., brought $176.20 ($0.90/lb.). Two Dorper-cross ewes at 155 lbs., brought $167.40 ($1.08/ lb.). For a variety in bidding, four pairs (ewe with lamb), were sold as a group. This large group consisted of two Suffolkcross ewes and two Kathadincross ewes, a 173-lb. combination, brought $187.50 per pair ($1.08/lb).

There were no heavyweight lambs (100+ pounds), at this sale. The two Suffolk-cross market lambs at 98 lbs. were well structured, body shape. These market lambs brought $195.02 ($1.99/lb.).

Once again, the new-crop lambs created greater attention in the audience. There were two groups of new-crop Suffolk-cross lambs. The first group was 83 lbs. and the second group was 86 lbs.; they brought $159.78 and $175.44, ($1.925/lb. and $2.04/lb.).

A group of five Suffolk-cross and Rideau-cross lambs at 91 lbs. brought $172.90 ($1.90/lb.).

Does dominated the goats at this sale. The wild bidding definitely separated the meat does from the dairy does due to the demand at this sale. The Boer-cross does were in the price range of $0.54 to $1.17 per pound while the Nubiancross does were in the price range of $1.38 to $1.53 per pound. A group of Alpinecross does, brought $1.20 per pound.

A means to catch the attention of the audience, creating some wild bidding was selling a doe with kid. A Boer-cross doe with kid, 150-pound combination, brought $175 ($1.17/lb.). The Alpine-cross doe with an older kid, 100-pound combination; brought $142.50 ($1.43/ lb.).

The first group of doelings, was Alpine-cross at 78 lbs.; they brought $110 ($1.41/lb).

The second group was Boercross doelings at 83 lbs. that brought $112.50 ($1.36/lb.).

The second-largest category for the goat sale was the lightweight kids. There was no goat breed that was more demanding for the top dollar. The 38-pound kids brought $78 ($2.05/lb.) ranging to 58-pound kids , which brought $65 ($1.12/lb.).

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