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Sheep & Goat Sales – for Jun. 17, 2010



110+ 95 -110 80 -94

Under 80

70 79 lbs.

60 69 lbs.

50 59 lbs.

$78.56 $172.96


$167.89 $177.02 $157.52 $165.62

$118.63 $129.21

$112 $121.72

$81.20 $106.20

The June 3, 2010 sale was the start of the one auction per month at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction.

There were 250 sheep and goats at this sale and the audience was ready and determined for some steady bidding on good-quality sheep and goats on offer. Producers were purchasing for herd replacement along with buyers for the meat industry.

The younger ewes were being purchased for herd replacements. A mixed group of Rideau-cross, Suffolk-cross and Cheviot-cross ewes, at 184 pounds brought $172.96 ($0.94/ lb.). One 95-pound Cheviotcross ewe brought $106.85 ($1.125/lb.).

A new category that appeared at this sale, and that created major interest, was called – “family unit,” consisting of a ewe with at least one lamb.

Most of the units sold at this sale were a ewe with twins (two lambs). Comparison of the units, could be based upon the breed of the ewe; some were Dorper-cross ewes and the others were Kathadin-cross ewes. A Dorper-cross ram was used, so the young lambs, expressed the Dorper-cross characteristics. The Kathadin-cross ewes with lambs, produced a price range of 99 cents to $1.63 per pound. The Dorper-cross ewes with lambs, produced a price range of 98 cents to $41.01 per pound.

The selection of rams was limited. The 185-pound, Dorper-cross ram brought $172.05 ($0.93/lb.) and the 190-pound, Cheviot-cross ram; brought $163.40 ($0.86/lb.). The group of two Suffolk-cross rams, 288 pounds brought $190.08 ($0.66/lb.).

There were no lightweight lambs, at this sale. Only two groups of market lambs were del ivered. The first group was of Rideau-cross lambs,

103 pounds, brought $167.89 ($1.63/lb.); while the second group of Rideau-cross lambs,

106 pounds, brought $177.02 ($1.67/lb.). The feeder-weight lambs were more dominant at this sale, than the last sale. The weight range was from 88 pounds to 93 pounds, with a price range of $1.83 per pound to $1.76 per pound.

The very lightweight lambs, dominated the lamb category with weights ranging from 49 pounds to 78 pounds, with a price range of $1.75 per pound to $1.79 per pound.

Some lambs of 51 pounds brought $1.825 per pound and 55-pound lambs brought $1.57 per pound.

The audience was treated to some very cute, small Dorpercross lambs. At 19 pounds they brought $26.60 ($1.40 per pound.)

The selection of goats was more limited than the sheep categor ies. There was no direct price separation of milking does from the meat does. The price of the does has remained steady, to slightly higher $1 per pound to $1.21 per pound.

The price of bucks ranged from $1.18 per pound to $1.60 per pound, with regards to the weight – ranging from 150 pounds to 50 pounds.

A group of mixed wethers,

52 pounds, brought $77 ($1.48 per pound). Then a group of doelings with some wethers, 74 pounds, brought $72 ($0.97 per pound). Three Boer-cross buck-lings,

32 pounds, sold for $55 ($1.72 per pound).

Next sheep and goat sale at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction will be July 8. There is no sale July 1 due to the Canada Day Holiday.

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