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Sheep &Goat Market Report

There were 439 sheep and goats for the last sale of the year at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction, on Dec. 16, 2010. The selection was good and the buyers were ready, as the producers had provided the animals for the holiday season.

The selection of ewes was good, creating two price ranges at this sale. The heavyweight ewes brought higher bidding compared to the lighter-weight ewes. An exception was a 100- pound Katahdin-cross ewe which brought $165 ($1.65/lb.). The lower price range was $0.70 to $0.96 per pound and the higher price was $0.97 to $1.05 per pound.

The heavyweight lambs presented no standard price range at this sale. However, there appears to be a correlation between lowering bidding prices for the higher-weight lambs and higher prices for the lower weight of the heavyweight lambs. There were two groups of 120-pound lambs. The first group of Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $180 ($1.50/lb.); while the second group of Rideaucross lambs brought $192 ($1.60/lb.).

The classification of market lambs (95-100 pounds) did not hold the strongest numbers of lambs sold in this sale. The prices were strong by the various bidders. Yet three groups of 95-pound market lambs sold at variable prices: $1.375, $1.525 and $1.73 per pound.

The classification of feeder lambs (80-94 pounds) provided a good selection for the bidders. The price range reached, $1.76 to $1.87 per pound; as most were Cheviot-cross lambs.

The selection of the under- 80-pound lamb classification was quite plentiful and available for all bidders. The price range for 71-77-pound lambs brought $131.25 to $128.59 ($1.85 to $1.67/lb.). The lamb in the 60-plus-pound weight range continued these prices, even with a slight increase. The price ranged from $1.80 to $2 per pound for 62-68-pound lambs. An exception was 14, 69-pound Barbado-cross lambs which brought $106.95 ($1.55/lb.). Another exception was 10, 64-pound Katahdincross lambs which brought $113.92 ($1.78/lb.).

The prices only increased for lambs in the 50-plus-pound ranges from all of the bidding. There was a good selection of lambs in this weight classification. Most lambs in the 50-55-pound range brought $80 to $112.75 ($1.60/lb. to $2.05/lb.). An exception was a group of 50-pound Cheviotcross lambs, brought $68.78 ($1.375/lb.). Two Rideau-cross lambs entered the arena, showing new-crop characteristics and the bidding went even stronger. The eyes of the auctioneer were busy scouting the full bidding crowd for these 50-pound lambs – each brought $107.50 ($2.15/lb.). The first group of 12, 45-pound Cheviot-cross lambs and Rideau-cross lambs brought $91.35 ($2.30/lb.). The other group of 45-pound lambs brought $82.13 ($1.825/lb.).

The prices of the goats remained steady or slightly higher in the various classifications, based upon fewer goats were delivered for this sale. The does produced two price ranges at this sale. The prices were much lower for the lesser-productive or older does. However, the better does, brought $0.91 to $1.03/lb. A 60-pound Alpine-pygmy cross doe brought $55 ($0.92/lb.).

There were some excellent choices for breeding bucks available to increase a producer’s herd. Bidding remained constant. The heavier bucks (60-100 pounds); created a price range of $1 to $1.25/lb. while the lighter-weight bucks (50-80 pounds), brought $1.55 to $1.56/lb. An exception was a group of three 62-pound Boercross bucks which brought $106 ($1.71/lb.).

It appeared that the goat kids were being purchased for the meat industry rather than to improve or increase a producer’s herd. The first heavier-weight goats, 80-pound Boercross wethers, brought $130 ($1.63/lb.); while the other group of 80-pound Boer-cross wethers, brought $124 ($1.55/ lb.).

The goat kids in the 50-59 pound range brought $1.42 to $1.88 per pound.

The goat kids, 42-45-pound range, brought $1.43 to $1.94 per pound.

Two 38-pound Boer-cross kids brought $40 ($1.05/lb.); and the two, 20-pound Boercross kids, brought $35 ($1.75/ lb.).

The bidding was irregular in the goats in the 60-plus-pound range at this sale. No immediate reason seemed apparent. A group of two, 63-pound Boer cross buckings, brought $77.50 ($1.23/lb.); while a group of four 63-pound Boercross bucklings, brought $120 ($1.91/lb.). The last group of 17 64-pound Boer-cross wethers brought $115 ($1.80/lb.).

The Dec. 24 market report from Ontario Stockyards stated “light lambs and goats sold actively but at lower prices following the Christmas holiday.”


The supply of sheep and goats did not continue with similar prices to December’s auction or the crowd excitement was not apparent for the first Winnipeg Livestock Auction on Jan. 6. There were 142 sheep and goats provided for this first sale of the year.

There was only one ewe for the sale. This 85-pound Dorper-cross ewe brought $74.38 ($0.875 per lb.). Keeping the auctioneer aware of all the bidders, interest developed in the crowd, when a family unit entered the arena. This family unit was a Cheviot-cross ewe with a lamb (about five 100 days old); total weight of 120 pounds, which sold for $175.

The selection of rams was based only on a group of three, 97-pound Dorper-cross rams. These rams showed some shedding conditions, which brought $92.15 ($0.95 per lb.).

There was one group of heavyweight lambs, at this sale. These 122-pound Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $179.34 ($1.47 per lb.).

In the 80-94-pound classification, bidders expressed interest in the lamb, keeping the higher prices. A group of lambs brought $148.72 and $135.20 ($1.69 per lb.). A group of 38, 92-pound Rideau-cross and Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $161.92 ($1.76 per lb.).

Two groups of 70-plus-pound lambs made most of the < 80-pound lamb classification. A group of 20, 76-pound Dorper-cross and Cheviotcross lambs brought $133.30 ($1.75 per lb.). Another group of 22, 77-pound Rideaucross and Suffolk-cross lambs brought $136.29 ($1.77 per lb.).

A group of four, 69-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $115.92 ($1.68 per lb.) and two, 63-pound Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $101.43 ($1.61 per lb.).

Twelve, 54-pound lambs, brought $89.64 ($1.66 per lb.). A group of 14, 48-pound Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $94.40 ($1.80 per lb.). The bidding was much lower for a group of four, 49-pound Rideau-cross and Cheviotcross lambs, based upon lack of some management practices. These lambs brought $70.07 ($1.43 per lb.).

A very active 80-pound Alpine-cross buck entered the arena. This goat was the only goat sold, at this sale. The bidding continued at a steady rate for this lone goat, producing $97.50 ($1.22 per lb.).

The Ontario Stockyards Inc. market report indicated the light lambs were more at demand for the beginning of the new year. The heavy lambs had dropped in the price bidding. However, sheep took a major cut in price.


EWESLAMBS (LBS.)110+ 95 -110 80 -94

Under 80

$100.80 -$187.21

$158.63 -$192.50 $130.63 -$183.04 $147.20 -$153.34

70 79 $128.25 -$142.45 60 69 $106.95 -$136 50 59 $66.25 -$112.75

$82.13 -$91.35





95 -110

80 -94

Under 80

76 77

63 69






$135.20 -$161.92

$133.30 -$136.29

$101.43 -$115.92



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