Lamb prices holding steady for February sale

The market lamb prices were slightly higher, while feeder lamb bids were lower

The Winnipeg Livestock Auction had approximately 375 sheep and goats for the Feb. 18 sale. In most cases, the lamb prices are similar to the last sale. The market lambs slightly increased, while the feeder lambs saw slightly lower bids.

No new-crop lambs were delivered for this sale.

The ewe classification was represented by wool ewes. The ewes were healthy and uniform, causing some strong bidding. The weight ranged from 105 to 163 pounds, with a price ranging from $0.80 to $0.93 per pound.

A 195-pound Dorper-cross ram represented the classification. This ram brought $161.85 ($0.83 per pound).

The heavyweight classification was represented by three 123-pound Rideau-cross lambs. These lambs brought $173.43 ($1.41 per pound).

The buyers had two groups of market-size lambs for bidding. The 98-pound lambs brought $155.82 ($1.59 per pound). Twenty 106-pound lambs brought $159 ($1.50 per pound).

The feeder lambs dominated this sale and the buyers did some serious bidding on the wool lambs. No hair feeder lambs were delivered. The weight ranged from 81 to 94 pounds, with a price range from $1.41 to $1.615 per pound.

The lightweight lambs continued with strong bidding. The price ranged from $1.53 to $1.60 per pound, with a weight ranging from 73 to 78 pounds. An exception was 41 70-pound Dorper-cross lambs which brought $103.95 ($1.485 per pound).

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Dorper-cross lambs dominated the lambs in the 60-plus-pound range. Thirty-eight 62-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $95.48 ($1.54 per pound) and 26 68-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $105.40 ($1.55 per pound). Ten 68-pound Suffolk-cross lambs brought $112.20 ($1.65 per pound). Seven 64-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $87.04 ($1.36 per pound).

Fourteen 57-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $79.80 ($1.40 per pound).

Eleven 49-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $69.58 ($1.42 per pound).

A group of six 106-pound Alpine-cross and Boer-cross does showcased excellent husbandry. These does had good structure and uniform frames. The group of does brought $165 ($1.56 per pound).

An 80-pound Alpine-cross buck brought $160 ($2 per pound). An 80-pound Boer-cross buck brought $160 ($2 per pound).

Two 70-pound Boer-cross goat (kids) brought $144 ($2.06 per pound).

Three 58-pound Boer-goat (kids) brought $102.50 ($1.77 per pound).

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