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Grunthal Sale Attracts Good Crowd

The sheep and goat sale was only a portion of the Oct. 31 Grunthal small-animal auction. The benches were filled with buyers and producers, ready for a full day of surprises.

There appeared to be no pattern on the ewes being sold, such as being sheared or the weight. The lower prices were based upon cull factors. A herd disposal presented a major portion of this sale.

The selection of rams was limited, but created some favourable attention by the buyers. The 180-pound Rideau-cross ram, brought $176.40 ($0.98 per pound). The group of two 205-pound Suffolk-cross and Cheviotcross rams, brought $190.65 ($0.93 per pound). There was a lower-price cull ram.

There were only two heavyweight lambs at this sale. The two 158-pound Rideau-cross lambs, brought $181.70 ($1.15 per pound).

There was a good selection and quality of market lambs. Prices ranged from $1.425 to $1.88 per pound.

There were more feeder lambs offered at this sale. The price ranged from $1.7250 to $1.8750 per pound.

Lightweight lambs weighing a range of 70 to 78 pounds fetched $1.8250 to $1.95 per pound.

The 60-to 69-pound lambs sold at $1.70 to $1.90 per pound. One exception was a 65-pound Rideau-cross lamb, which brought $1.40 per pound.

The 50-to 56-pound lambs brought $1.8250 to $1.8750 per pound. The exception was two 50-pound lambs, which brought $1.2250 per pound.

A large group of 24, 44-pound lambs, brought $78.10 ($1.7750 per pound). A 45-pound Suffolkcross lamb, brought $87.75 ($1.95 per pound). A group of 12, 46-pound lambs, brought $86.25 ($1.8750 per pound).

A 20-pound Suffolk-cross lamb, brought $37 ($1.85 per pound).


There were limited does on offer. Alpine-cross does dominated this classification, with a price range of $0.83 to $0.85 per pound. The 95-pound La Mancha-cross doe, brought $65 ($0.68 per pound). A good presentation of bucks were delivered by the producers and were in demand. The Boer-cross bucks provided the higher prices, bringing $1.85 to $2.12 per pound. The Alpine-cross and a Pygmy-cross buck, brought $1.32 per pound. A cull Alpinecross buck, brought $0.74 per pound.

Buckling prices ranged from $1.29 to $1.88 per pound.

The Boer-cross doelings varied in the price, ranging from $1.28 to $1.70 per pound.

The crowd was entertained by two 100-pound Angora goats which brought $65 ($0.65 per pound).

A 60-pound Pygmy-cross doe with kid (wether), brought $1.3750 per pound.

Three 72-pound Pygmy wethers brought $75 ($1.04 per pound).

A 35-pound Boer-cross wether, brought $70 ($2 per pound).

Some wethers were passed at this sale.

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