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MARCH 4, 2010

FEBRUARY 18, 2010

The Winnipeg Livestock Auction on March 4, 2010, presented the “taste of spring.” Not only with the melting of snow, with milder temperatures, – the sheep and goat prices remained constant – similar to the last auction (February 18, 2010).

The demand remains high and the preparation for the Easter market continues to be the full focus.

The prices of ewes were slightly higher, than the usual price. The bidding from the various buyers, kept the demand; ranging 82. 5 cents per lb. -$1/lb. A large Cheviot-cross, castrated ram, 150 pounds; brought $146.26 ($97.5 cents per pound).

There were no heavyweight lambs at this sale. The feeder lambs were predominately the lamb category at this sale. The lambs ranged, 80 to 91 pounds, $134.40 to $135.59 ($1,68 to $1.49/lb.). The market lambs, 95 to 100 pounds, brought $137.75 to $159.50 ($1.45/lb.).

The supply of the lightweight lambs was limited, but the demand in the bidding kept the prices, slightly higher. A group of Rideaucross lambs, brought $123 ($1.64/lb. ) ; while another group of Katahdin-cross lambs, brought $117 ($1.56/ lb.).

Yet, a 55-pound Cheviotcross lamb, brought $104.50 ($1.90/lb.).

A high-prancing Nubiancross buck, entered the arena with great energy. This 165-pound buck, brought $182.50 ($1.11/lb.). The Boer-cross

$90.75 $182.28




$117 -$123 $104.50


$60 $56.25

bucks are still the major choice for the buyers for butchering and herd improvement. For various Boer cross that came into the bidding world whether it is a 100-pound or a 145-pound buck, the prices were steady at $145 and $160 ($1.45 and $1.10/lb.) respectively.

The lightweight nannies were of more interest to the buyers, 90 to 118 pounds. The Boer-cross does, brought $117.50 to $137.50 ($1.31 -$1.17/lb.).

The heavier Boer-cross nannies had less wild bidding, but still kept the auctioneer watching the audience. These Boer-cross nannies, ranging from 125 to 185 lbs. brought $140 to $136 ($1.12 -$0.71/ pound).

Two large mixed groups of 65-pound goats, drew the day to a close. The first group brought $99 ($1.52/lb.), while the second group brought $95 ($1.46/lb.).

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