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‘Safety Scouts’ kits facilitate farm safety talks with kids

Kits and other resources are available for free on CASA’s website

Safety Scouts kits include a kid-sized safety vest and membership certificate.

BASF and CASA hope interactive ‘Safety Scouts’ kits will give farm families fun and interactive ways to talk about safety.

“A lot of the issues along with safety is just having the conversations, right?” said Robin Anderson, communications co-ordinator at the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA). “And having the awareness and keeping, integrating safety as an everyday, normal part of life.”

CASA, along with chemical giant BASF, is giving out kits including a child-sized, adjustable safety vest, a name badge, Safety Scouts reward badge and membership certificate, a safety-themed activity and colouring kit.

These are free to order on CASA’s website.

The kits can be another tool in parents’ tool kits when teaching kids farm safety, said Anderson. The safety vest may be fun to wear and add an element of visibility in the yard, but also add some gravitas to the conversation.

“When you put on a safety vest, it’s serious business,” she said.

“We still have deaths on the farm, and we still have child deaths on the farm, and if we can work in any way we can, including these great Safety Scouts kits, then that really means that we’re doing our job,” said Anderson.

“I have amazing memories (from growing up on a farm), and work ethic, and love of the land,” she said. “That’s part of growing up on the farm, and we never want to take that away.”

They want to see farm families thriving and continuing to pass the love of farming to their kids, she added.

Find the Safety Scouts kits and many other farm safety resources for kids at

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