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New Venues For Student Ag Program

Agriculture in the Classroom-MB Inc. is celebrating its 10th year with the Amazing Agriculture Adventure, a program designed to give Grade 4 and 5 students a hands-on interactive experience with all aspects of agriculture. The 10-year celebration in Winnipeg will be all that more amazing with the event being held between two new venues: Richardson’s Kelburn Farm and the faculty of agricultural and food sciences’ Glenlea Research Station.

“Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba is dedicated to cultivating an interest in agricul ture, and the Amazing Agriculture Adventure is one of our most critical programs. When the need for a new venue became clear, we were thrilled that Richardson International Ltd. and The faculty of agricultural and food sciences were quick to rise to the occasion and offer us their farms for the students to experience,” said executive director Johanne Ross. “With the use of these two working farms, students will be more engaged than ever before and have the opportunity to feel that they have actually been on and experienced true working farms.”

Students on the adventure September 15 to 17 will work their way through 18 interactive stations. From crushing canola, to the inner workings of a combine and the difference between meat-and milk-producing cattle, the students will get their minds full and their hands dirty. Through strong support from the Kelburn Farm and Gleanlea Research Station, the Amazing Agriculture Adventure is a fun and interactive field trip for Grade 4 and 5 students to learn more about the agriculture community.

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