Green Gold: Hay Day delayed in Eastern Manitoba

From Thursday to Monday (June 3) we have seen the alfalfa grow about 2” and the RFV has only dropped five points. Looking at the MARFI weather information we can see that over the weekend the cool temperatures and frost have accounted for only 15 GDD to accumulate (normal’s should be in the 40-50 range). Most of the fields are still in the late vegetative stage except La Broquerie and the Kleefeld fields which are in early bud. Presently we have accumulated approximately 227 GDD.
The cool weather over the weekend has delayed Hay Day. If RFV’s start dropping at four to five points per day HAY DAY could be around the June 8 as an average for the Eastern area. Producers in the LaBroquerie area will be a couple of days earlier and those in the Beausejour area maybe a couple of days later.

You can access reports for east and west from the MFC website:

Ile des Chenes East 230 187 17 29
New Bothwell 230 195 17 32
Grunthal 230 188 18 30
Kleefeld 216 175 17 27
La Broquerie 210 180 19 29
Beausejour S 237 208 16 32
Beausejour N 230 190 17 32
AVERAGE 226 189 17 30

John McGregor is the Green Gold co-ordinator for the Manitoba Forage Council. 

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