Dow Pipeline Includes Two New Weed Killers

Two new Dow

AgroSciences herbicides, Tandem and OcTTain, are coming to Western Canada soon.

Tandem, a new grass and broadleaf killer, will be available next spring; OcTTain, a broadleaf killer designed for the brown and dark-brown soil zones of the southern Prairies has been submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) and is pending registration.

Tandem is a combination of two active ingredients – pyroxsulam (Group 2), which is also in Dow AgroSciences’ Simplicity herbicide and fluroxypyr (Group 4), Kelly Bennett, Dow AgroSciences’ portfolio leader for cereal herbicides said in an interview.

In most cases Tandem should be tank mixed with either 2,4-D or MCPA for complete annual weed control.

OcTTain is a combination product similar to Attain (fluroxypyr and 2,4-D Ester), but is designed to deliver weed control optimized for the brown and dark-brown soil zones. However, if approved by PMRA, OcTTain will come as a pre-formulated product making it more convenient.

Attain has two recommended rates. OcTTain, compared to the low rate of Attain, will deliver more powerful control of a number of key weeds. Most important are wild buckwheat (one-to six-leaf stage) and Kochia up to the 10-to 15-cm range, including Group 2-resistant biotypes, Bennett said.

OcTTain will also add control of volunteer flax and stork’s bill as well as suppression of Canada thistle, sow thistle and dandelion.

“We anticipate (if approved by PMRA) there will be over 30 weeds on the label, compared to 22 with the low rate of Attain,” he said.

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