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Time To Caulk Cracks

Now s the time to caulk cracks around wooden windows to prevent moisture from entering and starting the process of rotting. Once begun, rot will accelerate, damaging both casing and window.

Caulking guns are awkward to handle and extrusion can be hit and miss due to uneven pressure, causing unsightly smears and uneven lines.

There is an alternative. Putting the caulking material into a 20-cc syringe creates a very manageable and efficient tool. The syringe is lightweight, relatively short, the plunger tiny, and extrusion can be accomplished with little pressure assuring an even, constant flow. If the syringe bead is too small, a second pass is no problem and a finger run along this line creates a nice concave fill that blends in well with its surroundings.

Storage is simple as the tip will seal on its own, readily reopened by the thrust of a small nail. The plunger end is held airtight by its rubber ring and will move easily forward even months later.

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