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Thoughts On Canada Day – for Jul. 1, 2010

More than 50 years ago it took us 17 hours to fly across the ocean from Holland to Canada. We had to refuel in Gander, but finally we landed in Montreal. We found the railway station and settled down for a 4-1/2-day travel to Vancouver. The landscape changed from forest and lakes to endless fields, which we were told were the Prairies. The tracks crisscrossed through the landscapes. When we came to British Columbia we went upstairs to the dome of the train to have a better view of the mountains and the valleys. We were struck with awe. “So this was Canada, a land full of prosperity with endless views: lakes, forests, fields and mountains.” We never knew that God created so much beauty in one country.

We settled down in Vancouver and started our family. After a few years we became offi cial citizens of this country. Now we really belonged here. Many memories were left behind, but were replaced with new experiences. Our children married and brought children into the world. Now one great-grandchild is part of our family. And the population of Canada keeps growing. I will celebrate Canada Day with a happy and humble heart, because I know that God is the Ruler of the universe and brought happiness to me in Canada.

Happy Canada Day.

– Addy Oberlin writes from Swan River, Manitoba

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