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Decorating a ceiling can be tricky but well worth the time and effort

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Painted ceilings really can enhance a room when included as part of the overall decorating plan. A master bedroom and/or ensuite is a great place to add one. If you consider the use of each room, you do spend a fair amount of time looking at the ceiling either in bed or in a luxurious bubble bath so why not make the most of the view? A master retreat that is different in design and feel than the rest of the home can provide a true oasis at the end of the day. Including a painted ceiling into the mix will add a touch of grandeur and who doesn’t deserve a little indulgence now and then?

For the less adventurous, simply adding a colour to the ceiling might be enough to give your room that extra oomph. The pink and white colour scheme in the photograph would look wonderful with a pale-mauve ceiling versus the standard white, for example. The flat ceiling colour would be calming yet still provide that extra something that most rooms don’t have via the ceiling colour.

A pattern on the ceiling, like the one in the photograph, has a lot of visual movement and could be unsettling for some, especially in a bedroom. This particular pattern is set on an angle, which doubles the visual movement in my opinion. A similar pattern set on the square is more traditional and would be more conducive to a calming room. More visually energetic patterns can be great in a playroom or rec room.

Traditional painted designs can add a sense of elegance, which can be perfect in a bedroom, dining room or even a living room, depending upon the layout of the space. Although ceilings are difficult to paint at the best of times, a couple rolls of painter’s tape and a lot of patience can turn a plain ceiling into something truly unique.

If you’re considering attempting a ceiling treatment it might be a good idea to start in a small powder room. A smaller work surface can be painted over fairly easily if the project doesn’t turn out as planned. If it is a success then you can proceed to a larger project in another room. There are lots of options for painted ceilings, from a plain colour to a wildly geometric pattern that includes several colours. The sky is the limit along with your time and patience.

Kids’ rooms are another great place to play with a painted ceiling. A ceiling painted as a tent top is a popular design but there are many other options. Create a theme like a jungle, fairyland or beach-inspired room with a sky-blue ceiling with white puffy clouds. Accessories like brightly coloured sand pails and shovels, kites and beach towels will add to the theme.

There are a lot of other ceiling treatments that don’t involve paint. Glow-in-the-dark stickers in the shapes of stars and moons can be a fun bedtime display. A stencilled pattern around a centre ceiling light fixture can add a sense of whimsy to a plain ceiling. Fabric can be used to create a soft tent-like ambience, which can be romantic in a master retreat. Wallpaper or borders can be used to enhance ceilings. Consider cutting out the pattern in the wallpaper (flowers, for instance) and using them in a desired pattern rather than trying to hang a full sheet on the ceiling. These cut-outs are easy to put up and easy to take down so they afford you lots of options. Also, if you have a single roll of wallpaper kicking around the cut-outs will take you farther than a remnant could.

Decorating ceilings can be a bit tricky but well worth the impact. Consider adding a little something overhead to take your décor to the next level.

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Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Gimli, Manitoba.

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