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Colour can affect learning

Start off a new school year with a shade that can boost confidence, relaxation and productivity

Back to school is an exciting time — new markers, binders, lunch bag and that all-important “first day” outfit. A successful school year begins at home, and bedroom colours can inspire confidence, relaxation, productivity, and a positive outlook.

“Knowing a colour’s character can provide more than just a beautiful space, it can help a child get better sleep, bring out their creative genius, and be more confident and calm,” says Bev Bell, creative director, Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products Division, Home Hardware Stores Limited. When decorating a bedroom find the perfect colour inspiration for your child.

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Colours and their influences

We tend to shy away from orange in a bedroom, however, it is the social colour that encourages confidence and independence. Orange is energizing and attention getting. This is a great colour for a playroom or play area of the bedroom. Use it on a focal wall so as not to overpower the room.

Yellow is as joyous as waking up to a beautiful sunny day, and it also helps with memory and concentration. That’s why the first post-it notes were yellow. Be cautious though, of large doses of bright or citrus yellow. In some people it creates a feeling of anxiety and anger.

Red is high energy and excites the mind. It is associated with love, comfort and warmth. In a bedroom it’s best left to smaller doses so as not to overpower the senses. For chic colour chemistry, combine red with a great grey or a warm taupe. A soft warm red plays well with all colours.

Pink helps calm anger and behavioural issues, and evokes feelings of compassion, caring and love.

Green is the shade that soothes the soul. It is a colour that brings on a sense of tranquility. Studies have shown it helps with reading and comprehension and it’s also great for sleep so it can work in a study area and a sleeping area of the bedroom.

Blue is the calmest colour of the spectrum and the most popular colour for bedrooms. It’s a well-balanced hue that is like music to your eyes.

Purple, the colour of royalty, is the perfect colour for your prince or princess. Because it is rarely found in nature, it is considered exotic and mysterious. This regal colour helps release a child’s artistic creativity.

When it comes to budding geniuses, there is nothing neutral about neutrals. Greys, taupe, and beige support intelligent thought and focused studying.

Older children should have some input into the colour of their bedroom. Include them in the process then make your final decision based on how the colour will affect your child. You can update their space while having some influence on the effectiveness of their surroundings.

A new school year brings excitement and anxiety. Help your child through the initial angst by starting them off in a new décor that will calm and inspire them throughout the year.

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Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Gimli, Manitoba.

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