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Spin some sparkling webs

Halloween! My favourite time of the year! It allows me the opportunity to revisit my childhood and drag as many of my friends and family with me. Whether I’m decorating my house or throwing one of my pumpkin-carving parties or dressing up with my child to haunt the neighbourhood, Halloween night is my night to shine and convince my neighbours that I too deserve a chocolate bar. What more could a person want? Dress up, meet the neighbours and receive free sweets. Life is good!

Did you know there are an infinite number of ways a person can have fun with glitter? This spider’s web can be done with children as young as three. It’s easy to do and looks dazzling when you’re through.

All you need is black construction paper, glue or glue stick, glitter of your choice and newspaper to catch excess glitter. For young children, draw the web on the paper and allow them to trace the lines with glue. Sprinkle glitter into glue then lift and shake loose glitter away lightly onto newsprint. Repeat if necessary to cover all glue.

“But wait,” I hear you say. “I don’t know how to draw a spider’s web.”

No problem. Start with a small dot in the centre of your paper. Then, draw a line from the dot to the edge of your page. Do this until you have gone all the way around the dot and page. Then, connect a “lazy” line to the neighbouring line. Your connecting lines should look like a slight “C” or “U.” Follow the pattern around the paper and before you know it, you’ve spun your own web.

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