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Freezer Cheater Cookies

There is nothing that compares to the smell and taste of homemade cookies, but you may not always have the time or energy to “whip up” a batch. Here’s a quick and easy solution for when your craving’s high but your energy’s low. I call them Freezer Cheater Cookies. When I’ve actually had the time

Make Your Own Gift Wrap

Summer, you’ve got to love it. There’s warm weather, barbecues and birthday parties, lots of birthday parties. I’m always needing to buy yet another supply of wrapping paper but with everybody cutting back on spending, a person has to turn up their inner creativity to find ways to economize. I decided to make my own

Spin some sparkling webs

Halloween! My favourite time of the year! It allows me the opportunity to revisit my childhood and drag as many of my friends and family with me. Whether I’m decorating my house or throwing one of my pumpkin-carving parties or dressing up with my child to haunt the neighbourhood, Halloween night is my night to