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Quick Christmas Ideas


Here are some lastminute ideas for dressing up the Christmas table. They are inexpensive and easy, to help keep you stress free and allow you to enjoy the day.

A large, clear vase with a wide mouth can be filled with many different items to create a stunning centrepiece for the dining table. I usually fill it with sparkling gold and silver ornaments. You could also use fresh fruit like all lemons, or lemons and limes, pine cones or fresh sprigs off of the pine tree in the yard.

Bare tree branches can add drama and height to the table when set in an arrangement in a tall vase. For added sparkle spray paint the tips of the branches with gold, silver or white paint. Pine cones can also benefit from a little white paint so they look snowy.

Build a colourful pyramid by stacking graduated sizes of small gift boxes topped with an ornament. Drape lengths of ribbon down each of the four sides of the ornament for added pizzazz.

To provide more table space, you could hang a topiary ball from the ceiling above the centre of the table. If you don’t have a form to make a topiary use a large, round ornament and glue items to it until it’s full. Use small beads, cloves, dried flowers or whatever you have until the topiary is full and beautiful. Hang from a decorative ribbon.

If you don’t have napkin rings you can fashion your own. Use ribbon or raffia to tie a cinnamon stick to each napkin, or make this a larger detail by hot gluing a small pine cone and a sprig of holly or pine to the cluster. An even quicker idea is to use seasonal tin cookie cutters. Simply run the napkin through the cookie cutter for an instant accent.

Dress up the table itself by running lengths of wide, decorative ribbon the length of the table. This adds continuity to the overall look and will bring in colour. If you have a round table, cross lengths of ribbon at the centre to create a six-or eight-ribbon starburst which can run under each place setting. Adorn the centre of the table with a centrepiece to tie it all together. You could use the same ribbon to create a simple, elegant bow.

Whatever you decide to do make sure you leave yourself enough time and sanity to actually enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year.

– Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Winnipeg



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