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Fight weeds with proven products!

Our History: June 1977

Fight weeds with proven products!

This Manitoba Pool ad in our June 9, 1977 issue illustrates some of the main chemicals available for weed control that year. A story in the previous issue listed new herbicides registered for the year: Stampede, Torch, Sencor, Mataven, Tordon 202C and Treflan Plus Avadex BW.

Last week’s history item was from a year earlier in June, when there was concern about poor world crop prospects and how they could drive up domestic food prices in the U.S. and Canada. The tone had reversed a year later. One story on our front page said Canadian wheat exports could increase despite a “surplus wheat situation in the world.” Another story quoted U.S. Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland saying that he would encourage Canada to join the U.S. in cutting production to reduce the surplus. However, the executive director of the World Food Council called for an international buffer stock program because of concern supply could not meet demand by 1985.

That month saw the first federal government decisions in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Grain Handling and Transportation chaired by Justice Emmett Hall. The government added 1,813 miles to the basic Prairie rail network and said a further 2,344 miles would be frozen and protected from abandonment until 1979. Transport and wheat board minister Otto Lang said the statutory freight rates on grain would remain and “the benefit of the Crow rate most certainly will be guaranteed into the future.”

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