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Make a “pretty” bag

As we are all trying to cut down on the use of plastic bags, let’s make our reusable bags pretty. The ones with the grocery store name on them are fine for groceries, but let’s go “pretty” for our other shopping.


.5 metre fabric (twill or any heavier fabric) 2.5 metres of webbing for the handles


Cut a piece of fabric 18×36 inches (or size of your choice) and make two pockets 6-1/2×6-1/2 inches. Finish the two ends of the bag and the top of the pockets and turn over and hem with 1-inch hems. Place the first pocket – top down – right sides together, centred at 8 inches down and sew bottom seam. Press up. Place the second pocket, centred at 10 inches and sew bottom seam and press up.

Fold webbing in half and mark. Start webbing at centre of bag 6 inches from edge so you can sew the webbing on and over the raw sides of the pockets. Sew to top and secure with an“X.” Put the centre point of the webbing at centre of bag and 6 inches from the other side and continue sewing, securing at each end.

Fold bag up – wrong sides together and sew side seams with a narrow seam. Turn to right sides together and sew again and you have a completely finished seam and a completely finished bag.

Once you have one bag finished you will want to get creative and maybe have contrasting pockets, and likely more of them. I like to have a small pocket inside for my cellphone.

– Myrlene Currie writes from Carman, Manitoba

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