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Fall Garden Cleanup Tips

As gardeners, we never want the gardening season to come to an end. But we must welcome the coming cold months by preparing our gardens for winter. Follow the tips below for a few good basic steps in preparing your beloved garden for the coming chill:

Dig up tender bulbs for storage until next year.

As perennials quit blooming or die back, trim the dead foliage. You can compost the healthy trimmings to continue the cycle of nature.

But, some perennials, if left alone, look great as winter interest and/

or provide winter food for wildlife.

Clean away any and all diseased plants and dropped leaves. It will make next year’s gardening that much easier.

Mulching in the fall will protect your plant investments.

Vegetable gardens are best completely cleared up to prevent any disease or pest overwintering.

Move your indoor foliage plants back inside before even the first light frost.

And, don’t forget your gardening tools. A thorough cleaning and sharpening now will save valuable time next spring.



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