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Enjoy Those Snowed-In Days

I let the kids stay in their pyjamas for the day while we bake or do crafts.

It’s seven o’clock in the morning, the wind is howling and the snow is pelting the window. I am standing close to the radio, listening to the school cancellation list. A cheer goes up around me as I hear our school division’s name. Our plans for the day have changed – we’re having a “snow day.”

While a cancelled school day is an inconvenience for many parents, I enjoy the change in routine. I try to view it as a holiday for me as well, as I get a break from making lunches and driving for after-school commitments. When the weather is poor I like to have my family close at home, cosy and safe, enjoying some extra time with my children.

I let the kids stay in their pyjamas for the day while we bake or do crafts. Usually they discover activities that they hadn’t had time to explore for a long time, due to the busyness of their days. If the storm subsides later in the day, the children are anxious to venture out and explore the new snowdrifts. After wearing off their stored-up energy, they arrive back to the house, snow covered and rosy cheeked, ready for some hot chocolate.

I try to look at a “snow day” as a brief interlude in our scheduled lives. By the time the storm is over, we are refreshed and ready to face reality once again.

– Tanya Unrau writes from Boissevain, Manitoba

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