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E. R. I. K. to the rescue

Should you suddenly require medical care, would emergency workers arriving in your home be able to quickly access information regarding your medications, doctor, next of kin, etc.? Most of us probably rely on our spouse or children or neighbours to provide such data. In examining our own lifestyle, however, I realized we not only keep our pills in two different places for convenience, but I don’t know the exact names and milligrams by memory. And even if I normally remembered such information, in an emergency I may not be able to recall it, nor could my husband. And how would paramedics know to look for the name of our doctor in the back of our phone book, which is hidden away in the second drawer of a kitchen cupboard?

When time is of the essence, having crucial medical information readily available may save your life. Enter E. R. I. K – short for Emergency Response Information Kit, a compact form containing your pertinent data which you fill out and then slip into a plastic protector that magnetizes to your fridge. A decal that comes with the form is then placed on your door to alert emergency personnel that E. R. I. K. is available inside.

Endorsed by emergency groups throughout Manitoba, E. R. I. K. is especially recommended for seniors, those who live alone, or anyone with communication problems. You may also want to take an E. R. I. K. “clone” along on your travels, or when going to the hospital even in a non-emergency situation. The kit is available free upon request from your local fire hall or through:

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, 2nd Floor, 185 King St., Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 1J1.

Having E. R. I. K. on hand may at the very least eliminate some of the stress related to unexpected circumstances. At the very most, it may save a life – your own, or someone near and dear to you.

– Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg

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