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A Tribute To Fathers

To whatever extent possible, be there, and know that you are irreplaceable.

As a daughter, wife and mother, I wish to share my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to dads everywhere.

To the regular, ordinary ol’ dad – I salute you! You’re in a no-win situation. Try too hard to keep food on the table and clothes on the kids’ backs, and you’re accused of being a workaholic – a “non-involved” dad. Try too hard to be the caring, nurturing, help-out-at-home-type dad, and there’s no time left to develop that all important-bonding with other men or to get involved in community and church projects. Get too involved in community and church and now you’re neglecting your marriage. What’s a guy to do? It’s enough to make you want to forget the whole thing and lose yourself in front of the sports channel or the computer screen, right? Hey, don’t give up! Please know that although the balance may never be perfect, each dollar you earn, each minute you spend engaged with your family, and each small contribution to the larger community is a profitable investment.

To the man who is separated from his children by circumstance – regardless of what anyone might say, your kids need you. If you can’t be there in person, call. If you can’t call, write. You can never overestimate the value of your involvement in your child’s life. To whatever extent possible, be there, and know that you are irreplaceable.

I want to also express thanks to that man who, by choice or by circumstance, is not a father but who is instead investing himself into the lives of children through step-parenting, foster parenting, coaching, teaching or just being a friend to the kid next door. This world needs you! You may never fully know how much impact you are making into the life of another individual. To the man who would love to be a dad, but for whom it is not possible – may God fill that hole in your heart with the love of a child who will look to you for guidance and instruction in life. One way or another, you are influencing children simply by your presence. Thank you for doing your all to make that influence positive.

To my own dad, whose influence continues although his presence has been missed for 22 years – thanks Dad, for modelling faithfulness, stability and manly tenderness.

Happy Father’s Day! – Terrie Todd writes from

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

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