A photo can help you make decorating decisions

Seeing some of your ideas in a finished room will help you decide if they are right for you

Try to find a picture of a finished room that includes decorating ideas that you might like to try.

So you think you know what you want for your décor but can’t quite make the final decisions. Try to find a photo with similar features that you’d like. Seeing your ideas in a completed room will help you decide.

The featured photo is a good example for me. The wall colour is very similar to what I painted in my bathroom. I also just happened to find two exact bath sheets at a thrift store (brand new) in the same colours and patterns as the ones pictured here. What are the odds?

What I hadn’t considered were black cabinets, which look quite lovely in the photograph. I painted my old cabinets out in white (from oak) to give them a new lease on life until the entire bathroom is renovated later this year. I still had white cabinetry on my mind for the new space until I saw this photo. I also hadn’t considered a silver-coloured frame for the bathroom mirror either, which blends well with the other silver-toned elements in the room, including the faucet and sconces. I may have to rethink a few things before I make final decisions for my new bathroom. It’s not that white cabinetry wouldn’t work, but I like the look of the black lower vanity and think I just may go that route now that I’ve seen it in an actual room setting.

That’s why decorating magazines, websites and television shows are so popular. They give us lots of great ideas for our own homes. Whether you happen upon that perfect colour scheme or a DIY project for your old furniture, having a photo of the finished product sure makes the choices a lot easier.

Sometimes you have to create your own photo by using programs available on paint suppliers’ websites where you can paint a room on the computer to see how your paint colour choices will look. Other sites, from lighting to flooring, can offer helpful tools for your specific project and offer great photographs to guide you in your search for the perfect product.

Internet sites like HGTV, Pinterest, House and Home, offer great shots of before and after makeovers for everything from kitchens to hallways. There is a lot of information out there to help you. Keep a file of photos, whether on your computer or on paper, so that you don’t forget those great little projects you happen upon. You may not use them all in one project but they are a great reference for future projects.

I personally keep a binder of “great décor ideas” that I clip from magazines. I use sheet protectors to hold the photos and have divided the binder into room sections. It’s good to have a refresher and skim over the photos every now and then.

I try to find such photos for my columns. I look for rooms that will inspire, teach and help readers think about change. Email me at [email protected] if you get stuck. If I don’t have a solution, perhaps one of my readers does. It’s all about sharing and supporting each other in the quest for a comfortable space and a place to call home.

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Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Gimli, Manitoba.

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