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'We are absolutely confident of the high quality, cleanliness and technical superiority of Canadian canola.'

Comment: Defending market access for Canadian canola

Regaining full market access for our canola producers is Canada’s top international trade priority, right alongside the fight to get rid of illegal U.S. tariffs on steel and pipe products. Long before the recent Chinese action to block shipments of canola from well-respected Canadian firms like Richardson and Viterra, we have had an ongoing dialogue

You can’t manage what you won’t measure

Sixty-nine years of history came to an end August 1. The single-desk marketing system of the Canadian Wheat Board, which started in 1943, is now officially dead. Few farmers were ever asked about this change. There was no producer vote, no public hearing, no respectable debate in Parliament. There was no cost-benefit analysis. There’s not

Let Farmers Vote On CWB — It’s The Law!

Section 47.1 of the Canadian Wheat Board Act is clear. If the minister responsible for the board wants to change the CWB’s “single-desk” marketing system, the minister must first do two things: Consult with the CWB’s board of directors; and Hold a clear, democratic vote among producers to determine whether they support the specific changes