Province expands subsidies to prevent basement flooding

Municipalities are offering up to $3,000 for homeowners to install sump pumps, pits and in-line backwater valves

The province is strongly encouraging homeowners across Manitoba to take advantage of the current subsidy program offered by 22 municipalities to help reduce the risk of basement flooding, Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux said in an April 15 release.

“The threat of flooding has become an all-too-frequent reality facing Manitoba families and municipalities. That’s why the provincial government is helping more families protect their homes, by extending and expanding the Municipal Sewer Backup Subsidy program,” said Lemieux. “Working together, we’re helping more families install sewer backup protection and sump pumps in their basements to protect their biggest asset.”

With the addition this year of Ericksdale and RM of West St. Paul, there are now 22 municipalities across Manitoba participating so homeowners can install sewer and home drainage protection equipment. The province is providing 50 per cent cost-shared funds to these participating municipalities.

The Manitoba government has allocated $2 million in funding for 2013 across the province, the minister said. Participating municipalities match the provincial contribution and provide the subsidy to qualifying homeowners.

The maximum subsidy offered by municipalities covers 60 per cent of the equipment and installation costs for individual homeowners, up to a maximum per household of $1,000 for in-line backup valves and $2,000 for sump pumps and pits. Some municipalities have chosen to customize their individual subsidy program to meet local needs.

The Municipal Sewer Backup Subsidy program came into effect in 2011 to address the flood risks from heavy summer rainfall in 2010 and concerns about significant flooding in 2011, Lemieux said. The cities of Winnipeg and Brandon were among the first municipalities to participate in the program. As a result of this program, approximately 2,300 homes across Manitoba have been protected from sewer backup and basement flooding since 2011.

“Manitobans who use this program can make sure their homes are better prepared to handle the prospect of significant flooding,” said Lemieux. “Investments in flood protection go a long way to reducing damage and costs in the future.”

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