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High winds, recent frost hurts crop development

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 2

Southwest Region Some scattered showers in the southwest region last week. St. Lazare and Russell received 4 to 7mm respectively. Crops need some good moisture in some areas of the region, as soil surface is quickly drying with very windy conditions. Temperatures were variable throughout the week. Daytime highs were normal; while nighttime lows dropped

Fair weather sees seeded cereal, canola crops quickly emerge

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for May 26

Southwest Region Most of the southwest region received rainfall during past week and on the weekend. Thundershowers in some areas brought a significant rainfall in short period of time. Amounts are varied and can be viewed here. Some areas close to Boissevain and southeast parts of the region toward Killarney, already dealing with surplus moisture,

Slow germination expected to hasten with warm weather

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for May 19

Southwest Region The week began with rains across the region in the amounts of 2 to 15 mm. Killarney, Waskada, and Alexander receiving the most. Soil surface drying conditions later in the week allowed producers to accelerate the seeding activities despite overnight lows still reaching -10°C. The majority of spring harvest is done and producers

Pulse, cereal crops see seeding progress across Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for May 12

Southwest Region Cool and wet conditions were the norm last week. Moderate snowfall happened across much of the region, stalling all field activities for two days. Total precipitation was 2 to 10 mm in different areas. Snow melted quickly and producers were able to start some seeding again. Very cold overnight temperatures coupled with below

Piecemeal approach to seeding begins in Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for May 5

Southwest region Repeated rain showers fell during the week in most of the region. Rainfall varied from 0.5 to 6.5 mm. Overnight temperatures fell below zero, while single-digit daytime highs were the norm. Average soil temperature is normal to below normal range at this time. Some areas are too wet and water is standing in

Manitoba harvest estimated 89 per cent complete

FINAL of 2019: Manitoba Crop Report for November 5

Southwest Region Intermittent snow flurries, mixed precipitation, and cold and cloudy weather has slowed harvest progress. Some snow accumulations creating small snowbanks in windrows and field edges is postponing harvest until melted. North of PTH 45, producers are reporting snow on swaths did not melt and are waiting for good weather conditions to finish harvest.

Losses expected for unharvested cereal crops, flax

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 29

Southwest Region No rain or snow fell this week, allowing farmers a chance to continue harvest in the Southwest region. Wet conditions in the southeastern districts and the north of PTH 45 continue to hamper harvest. Many farmers have harvested the bulk of their acres at this point, when compared to two weeks ago. Overall,

Soybean, corn crops stand up to snowfall, harvest progress at 77 per cent

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 22

Southwest Region Above 0C and sunny weather prevailed much of last week following the snow, with rain showers near Killarney and Mountainside. Some +10C daytime temperatures occurred, but overnight freezing slowed snowmelt in southern and eastern districts. Pockets around Hamiota, Miniota, Russell and west of Virden did not get as much snow compared to other

Remaining crops get buried, broken under heavy snowfall

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 15

Southwest Region Snowstorms across the region halted all harvesting progress. The storm brought heavy, wet snow to the majority of the region. Eastern parts of the region were harder hit compared to southern and northwestern districts. Brandon, Neepawa, and Carberry recorded 40 to 70 cm of snow. High winds were drifting over roads and accumulating

Crop quality decreasing with rains, severe sprouting seen in unharvested acres

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 8

Southwest Region Another cool and wet week in the Southwest region. Rainfall was variable but enough to stop harvesting many days. Harvest operations resumed late Sunday into Tuesday. Harvest is about 60 per cent complete in general. Majority of areas south of #1 highway are close to 65 to 70 per cent done, while some