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High-tech systems can make managing information during the busy seeding season easier and more informative.

Crop planning the digital way

It may be time to ditch the old notebook in favour of a new way of doing business in the spring

Producers of the past relied on written records, the Farmer’s Almanac and a good pair of workboots to check their fields as they planned their spring planting operations. Today’s producers can reach for the smartphone or tablet in their tractors to access a digital platform with all the information they need to make crop decisions

Farm safety is improving but many risks still mean many injuries and fatalities.

Agriculture Safety Week a reminder of risks

Manitoba farmers are still practising one of the province’s most dangerous professions

With Canadian Agriculture Safety Week beginning on March 10, Manitoba farmers have got a tragic reminder of what’s at stake. Renee Simcoe, communications co-ordinator for the Manitoba Farm Safety Program, said in an interview March 1 the farm safety issue never loses relevance to the people working on farms across the province. “In this last