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Analysis: Are we near peak biofuels?

It is now clear, depending on where the boundary is set in life-cycle estimates of carbon emissions, 
that some biofuels offer limited or no benefits compared with conventional gasoline

London / Reuters / A stalled biofuel industry will need to produce far more efficient fuels to avoid setting off another bout of arguments over its contribution to boosting energy security and cutting carbon emissions. Biofuels had a difficult 2012. In the United States, Energy Information Administration data show production through November fell compared with

Analysis: European biofuel push proving hard to reverse

European policy-makers are discovering the difficulty of curbing a biofuel industry they weaned five years ago as a low-carbon alternative to crude oil, but which is increasingly at odds with the environment and food production. To halt or reverse a $22-billion European biofuel industry requires a sound justification. The problem with biofuels is that calculation

Heat waves emphasize need for retooled climate research

A major heat wave and drought has sent world grain prices skyrocketing for a second of three summers suggesting it is time to address supply through repurposed climate research. Tackling high food prices among the leading G20 nations has so far bent on fixing demand issues, including grain trading, export bans and the role of

Burned plants may store more carbon in soil

An ancient technique of plowing charred plants into the ground to revive soil may also trap greenhouse gases for thousands of years and forestall global warming, scientists said Dec. 5. Heating plants such as farm waste or wood in airtight conditions produces a high-carbon substance called biochar, which can store the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide