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Lover’s Lane?

It was once a bustling railroad that was owned by CP Rail The whistles blew As trains rattled through Hauling livestock, grain and mail. Then grass grew over abandoned tracks and became a walking path Trains no longer pay They’ve had their day Said the men who did the math. I walk that path most

Teddies For Tragedies

Eighty-five-year-old Mary Smith of Fisher Branch, Manitoba is one charitable and active grandmother, in spite of some life-changing obstacles. One year ago she suffered a stroke and she was no longer able to work in her large, well-tended yard and garden, and a broken wrist added to her forced inactivity. When Smith was told by

Words Of Wisdom

With the start of a new year, here are some reminders to help us become the best we can be. Watch a sunrise at least once a year. Have a firm handshake. Say “thank you” a lot. Say “please” a lot. Plant flowers every spring. Be the first to say “hello.” Be forgiving of yourself

Microwave Tips And Reminders

Use only microwave-safe containers. Sour cream, yogurt or margarine containers are not safe, containing nasty chemicals that could leach into your food. When using plastic wrap to cover containers, do not let plastic come in contact with the food. Heating water to boiling can pose a risk of getting scalded unless a small wooden object

Leave Those Leaves – for Sep. 16, 2010

There’s life after raking – black gold is what it’s called, that pile of leaf compost. If space is at a premium, leaves can be overwintered in plastic bags. The composting process will be speeded up if the leaves are shredded and this will also reduce the storage space needed. In the spring when plants

Apricots Grown In Manitoba? – for Aug. 19, 2010

Who says we can’t grow apricots in Manitoba! I say we can, and here’s proof from our very own yard this summer. Almost 40 years ago, my husband received a catalogue from Aubin’s Nursery in Carman, Manitoba. Off to Carman he went and came home with several small fruit trees, one being an apricot. They

Avoid This Plant

Poison ivy lurks in many places so it’s most important to recognize it. It is attractive in all seasons, reddish in early spring, deep green in summer and shades of red, orange and yellow in autumn. Small, white, waxy berries form in late summer turning red later in the year. A good identifying feature is

A Gift For Our Dad

“What can we buy for Father’s Day? It’s hard to shop for men,” Bewailed his daughter, eight years old to her brother almost ten. “I know,” they said in unison, a wise look in their eyes. “He always dresses up for work, let’s get him pretty ties.” A blue one is for Father’s Day, a

A Solution Has Been Found

This is almost as exciting as hearing there’s a cure for the common cold! It has been so discouraging to have our gardening efforts undone by a herd of deer or a family of rabbits. Fencing was the answer to the deer problem, but the rabbits went right through it like it was not even