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Dan Mazier is president of Keystone Agricultural Producers.

A seat at the table

KAP isn’t calling for a carbon tax, it’s recognizing one is coming

A carbon tax is coming — that has been made perfectly clear by the federal government. However, instead of waiting for a tax to be placed on us by Ottawa, the Manitoba government has opted to develop a made-in-Manitoba solution — something that’s in the works now. During this development process, KAP is striving to

Time to talk farm issues this election: let’s start with grain movement

Efforts to fix the grain transportation situation over the past 30 years haven’t yielded many gains for farmers

Every day I tune into the election news, hoping for some mention of agriculture, the issues we in the industry are facing, and proposed solutions. And every day I’m disappointed. But I remain optimistic because surely the parties and the candidates will realize at some point that agriculture is a major economic driver, creating one