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Slaughter volumes down as Canadian herd numbers dwindle

COOL opportunity to slaughter and grade more beef in Canada and provide cattle for 
three medium-size packing plants scheduled to reopen in 2014

As predicted, fed slaughter graded volume decreased in 2013. But what is interesting is the non-fed graded volume increased (non-fed being mostly cows) to compensate for the fed slaughter decrease. This increase of non-fed slaughter does not bode well for the future as it means there are going to be fewer breeding cows in the

New Grading Technology Is In Place But Not In Use

Digital cameras get CFIA approval for beef grading” was the announcement in mid-October 2010. So where are we today? Despite the fact that the three largest slaughter facilities in Canada have the technology installed, they have yet to request to use it to facilitate grade assessment. No doubt it is coming, but which packer will

Beef-Grading Agency Ready For Technology Leap

We have the technology, but now the question becomes how to put it to its best use. In the spring of 2008 the board of directors of the Canadian Beef Grading Agency (CBGA) set an admirable goal to have technology and objective measurement in place of today’s human and subjective graders by the year 2013.