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U.S. House passes Farm Bill sans food stamps

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives defied a White House veto threat and passed a Farm Bill Thursday that expands the taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance system but omitted food stamps for the poor. Lawmakers passed the 608-page bill, unveiled by Republican leaders late on Wednesday night, on a 216-208, party-line vote after two hours of debate

U.S. House deals shock defeat to Farm Bill

Republican budget-cutters joined with Democratic defenders of food stamps on Thursday to deal a shocking defeat to the proposed US$500 billion, five-year farm bill backed by Republican leaders, undermining hopes of enacting such legislation before the current stop-gap law expires. “Today’s failure leaves the entire food and agriculture sector in the lurch,” the American Soybean

USDA probe finds GM wheat was ‘isolated incident’

The unapproved genetically modified wheat that was discovered sprouting in Oregon appears to have been “a single isolated incident,” U.S. agricultural officials said on Friday in their most detailed description yet of their ongoing investigation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in a statement it had found no genetically modified (GM) seeds in any field

Ethanol eyed for lowering U.S. surplus sugar mountain

Reuters / The U.S. government is readying a tool created during last decade’s biofuels craze — a never-used program to sell sugar at a loss to ethanol makers — as a way to whittle a looming sugar surplus down to an affordable size. The sugar-for-ethanol program could be a lower-cost way for the Agriculture Department

Latest USDA supply-demand report delivers few surprises in key commodities

The U.S. Agriculture Department delivered few surprises in its monthly crop and world agricultural supply-demand reports, keeping U.S. corn and soybean supplies tight but raising global soybean and wheat stockpiles from a month ago. The Argentine soybean and corn crops were both lowered by drought, USDA said. Projected soybean output was trimmed by three per

USDA chief says meat inspector furloughs still months away

Furloughs of U.S. meat inspectors that could disrupt meat delivery throughout the country will probably be concentrated in July through September, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told lawmakers March 5. Vilsack said furloughs of meat inspectors required under sequestration, or automatic budget cuts that took effect this month, will disrupt the meat industry. He said USDA