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Hedge funds get bullish on corn and natural gas

Hedge funds and other big speculators raised their bullish bets on U.S. commodities for the first time in five weeks, piling mostly into natural gas and corn due to favourable supply-and-demand situations, trade data showed Mar. 15. Natural gas saw close to $2 billion worth of new net long contracts by the so-called money managers

Goldman Sachs Cuts Commodities Exposure

Goldman Sachs’ commodities trading risk has hit a near-seven-year low, its quarterly results on Jan. 19 showed, suggesting the Wall Street giant had become less aggressive lately in taking advantage of surging oil, metals and grains prices. Goldman’s Value-at-Risk (VaR) for commodities stood at $23 million for the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31. That was

Farm Safety Audits Made Easy

header photos courtesy of canadian agricultural safety association Farm safety audits need not be a daunting task. For many, the hard part seems to be actually getting started. However everyone benefits from a farm safety audit by having a safer home and workplace – and it is easier than you think. “Plan Farm Safety” is

Commodities lose diversification edge with crisis

“There is nowhere to hide.” – BRIAN HICKS Using commodities to hedge potential losses in stock markets has not worked lately, and the tighter link among assets these days means diversification benefits may not be as great as before. Hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds and wealthy individuals who invested in commodities on the theory

Commodity prices at mercy of world economy

“You can cut rates to the bone, but if nobody’s willing to lend you money, it doesn’t really matter.” – U. S. Market Aanalyst Phil Flynn Further declines in oil and metals prices after co-ordinated global interest rate cuts suggest that commodities will not return to their giddy heights until the world economy is on