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Take Steps To Protect Your Grain From Thieves

If someone steals your wallet when you’re not looking, you could be out a couple hundred dollars. If someone empties your grain bins when you’re not looking, you could be out a lot more. Farmers in the soggier parts of the Prairies may not be thinking about grain theft yet, but they probably should. On

What You Need To Know About Your Bin Storage Setup

Awell-thought-out bin storage site will save money in both the short and long term. In the short term, having adequate on site storage gives producers the ability to hold on to grain and deliver when they can minimize delivery costs and get the most returns. In the long term, careful site planning allows producers to

Farm Progress Show Attracts International Attention

Regina is preparing for an international invasion. The Queen’s city will play host to more than 40,000 visitors last month, during the 34th annual Western Canada Farm Progress Show (WCFPS). “Last year our International Business Centre welcomed over 600 delegates from 50 countries,” says Shirley Xie, public relations and promotions co-ordinator for the show. “Based

Pencils And Green Thumbs: Learning Horticulture On The Prairies

The horticulture industry in Canada is thriving. In 2008 it represented $5.78 billion in agricultural cash receipts – 14 per cent of the total – and $3.85 billion in exports, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. On the Prairies, horticulturalists work in greenhouses and nurseries, help to improve fruit and vegetable production, and tackle landscaping

Creating Beautiful Houses That Are Ready To Move

For many people, the term Ready To Move (RTM) homes still brings to mind images of rectangular trailers on wheels. RTMs are actually complete houses – not mobile homes. They’re exactly what their name suggests: homes that are ready to be moved to a lot of your choice. RTMs are increasing in popularity, and once