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Survival of the fittest

Can you get more bang for your buck by planting your canola?

The jury is still out on using row crop seeders to sow canola, despite a growing number of Manitoba producers who have the equipment in their sheds. The implements’ precision seed placement, and the associated promise of lower seeding rates without compromising on yield, has bolstered interest from growers who may have already invested in […] Read more

Ag in Motion announces new Discovery Farm

The Ag in Motion grounds will now be the host to farm demonstration projects throughout the growing season

The home of Western Canada’s largest farm show is now a season-long test site for incoming production trends. Organizers opened Ag in Motion this year with the announcement of the Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm, and its newly minted “Field of Excellence,” July 15. The announcement slates 380 acres of the Ag in Motion grounds outside […] Read more

VIDEO: WEEDit takes to the field at Crops-A-Palooza

Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 and Jesper Voois explain how the spot sprayer targets individual weeds

At Crops-A-Palooza in Carberry on July 24, Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 spoke about the possible in crop use of WEEDit, although the green on brown technology is largely used for burn off, since it doesn’t differentiate between the green of a crop and green of the weeds. Jesper Voois, product specialist with Rometron, goes […] Read more

A thorn in the side of oat growers

Common buckthorn is a haven for crown rust spores over the winter and an easy source of infection if the farmer opts for a susceptible oat variety

Oat growers may want to gauge the distance to the nearest woody stream bed the next time they choose a variety. That’s one of the messages sent out during this year’s Crop Diagnostic School in Carman in the first two weeks of July. Why it matters: Manitoba’s most popular oat varieties have either been downgraded […] Read more

Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association backs up regenerative ag

The movement is now an official cause for MFGA

The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association is officially endorsing regenerative agriculture. “MFGA’s interests in regenerative agriculture lie squarely in producing high-quality food while improving the natural ecosystem,” the position reads. “Regenerative agriculture” involves farm practices aimed at improving the landscape, soil health and biodiversity. Grazing is a key part of the system, including rotational or […] Read more

Hail Mary passes?

The promise of hail recovery products sounds great for dry bean producers, but so far trials have yielded mostly question marks

Dry bean growers better be ready to make more than one pass if they’re trying some of the new post-hail recovery products to fend off blight. “There are products registered, but they’re registered for multiple applications, so if you’re just spraying something on a crop as a one-off, you probably won’t see that yield benefit,” […] Read more

john gavloski

Young grasshoppers’ patience rewarded

Producers are in their sprayer cabs again, this time after grasshoppers

Manitoba’s weather has been good for grasshoppers in the last three years, and now some fields are paying the price. “Right now, there’s pockets in the province that do have some very high levels of grasshoppers,” provincial entomologist John Gavloski said. “There’s quite a bit of edge spraying going on where people are trying to […] Read more

mbfi hay day

Don’t let hot air spoil your silage

Silage expert highlights dry matter and nutrient loss in uncovered pits and poorly managed feed-out where oxygen can get into silage

If you think you’ve packed that silage enough, pack it again. That’s among the tidbits from John McKinnon of JJM Nutrition Services in Saskatoon as Manitoba farmers prepare for what’s potentially another bad forage year. Late rains, a delayed or even skipped first hay cut, thin stands, frosts and a generally cold spring all have […] Read more

Decision time on sclerotinia control

The yearly decision may be harder than normal as rain finally falls on Manitoba

Producers are scratching their heads on sclerotinia spray this year. On one hand, the weather has been dry for most of the growing season. Much of agricultural Manitoba still sat at around two-thirds or less of normal rainfall as of June 25, according to Manitoba Agriculture, despite a series of rains since late May. The […] Read more