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‘Drought proof’ your pasture with legumes

Experts are pitching pasture seeded with legumes as one strategy to limit drought impact, but there are a few things to keep in mind

Producers looking to buffer against feed issues may want to add some legumes in their pasture mix. The concept has been highlighted more than once this seminar season as speakers ponder how to “drought-proof” Manitoba’s feed supply in light of two years of dry temperatures and a significantly short forage harvest in 2018. Why it […] Read more

Is your calf getting enough colostrum?

Farmers may want to take product source, birth ease and method of feeding into account when determining if a calf has got enough colostrum in the first few hours

A calf should have a strong suckle reflex 10 minutes after birth, or they’ll likely need human help to get enough colostrum. That’s the message that Dr. Craig Dorin of Airdrie, Alta., had for producers as the early calving season gets underway. Dorin was one of two veterinarians to touch on colostrum during a recent […] Read more

Mancozeb fight calls potato growers to share on-farm use

Spud growers urged to share info on mancozeb

Mancozeb is on the regulatory chopping block. Now Manitoba potato producers are being urged to share how they use the chemical as their industry attempts to preserve it as an aerial fungicide, and they have just days to do it. Why it matters: Health Canada has proposed a ban on mancozeb for potatoes and other […] Read more

Playing the waiting game on Crown lands

Anyone hoping to put their bid in for Agricultural Crown Lands access was out of luck this fall as everything has been put on hold

Producers are still in limbo if they are looking to transfer their right to Agricultural Crown Lands. The province’s freeze on new lease applications and unit transfers is still in effect, following the end of the points system and the adoption of tenders or open auctions last year. The province has said that applications received […] Read more

Livestock producers give overall mild winter a warm welcome

There’s still plenty of winter left though, so the sector remains on alert on feed supplies

Manitoba may have hit a cold snap, but provincial livestock specialists say the otherwise mild winter has been a boon for feed supplies so far. Feed was a major concern for the livestock industry this fall. Forage yields were down across much of the province, including parts of the Interlake, central and southwestern Manitoba that […] Read more

VIDEO: Free online tool promises farm data analysis

News from Ag Days 2019: Farmers looking for data analysis without breaking the bank can look to a free, web-based software program offered by Niagara College

Niagara College has a new, free, option for farmers to turn their farm data into something usable for farm decisions. Sarah Lepp, senior research associate with Niagara College Research and Innovation, demonstrated their Crop Portal to this year’s Ag Days audience, using real farm data. The program processes and visualizes data ranging from yield to […] Read more

Adding on-farm research to the rotation

News from Ag Days 2019: Farmers are already expected to wear many hats, from mechanic to grower, but it may be time to add “researcher” to that list, according to one Ag Days speaker

Greg Bartley wants more producers to take research into their own hands. An on-farm specialist with the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers, Bartley has been working with farmers to develop research trials in the commercial field, rather than the research plot. That research may become a producer’s greatest tool in measuring the actual value of […] Read more

Province promises streamlined grain dryer installations

News from Ag Days 2019: A line of rule changes may help cool frustrations with grain dryer setup

The province hopes new resources and a new approach with the Office of the Fire Commissioner will help stem criticism on grain dryer setup. The province announced changes to grain dryer approval procedure Jan. 22 after a wave of complaints from industry, equipment dealers and producers this fall. Why it matters: Grain dryer installation drew […] Read more

Untangling the future of hemp fibre

Hemp fibre has been overshadowed by grain, but is it time to give it another look? And what obstacles still stand in the way?

Back in 1998, when industrial hemp production was legalized, most expected the crop would be grown for its fibre. After all, it was the original market for the crop, with the strong sturdy fibres having been used for centuries to produce rope, canvas and paper. Why it matters: Manitoba’s hemp industry has been largely grain […] Read more

Tallying up the CPTPP trade deal

Manitoba agriculture stands to benefit

Manitoba’s ag sector is getting ready for a new trade reality now that CPTPP has loosened trade bounds between Canada and Pacific Rim countries. The 11-nation trade deal, which was almost derailed in 2017 with the sudden withdrawal by the U.S., officially came into force Dec. 30, 2018, with Canada as one of the first […] Read more