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The sense of smell of a horse is a powerful way for it to gather information about the world around it.

The nose knows: the sense of smell in horses

Horse Health: This often-overlooked sensory system is a major contributor to horse well-being

Despite horses being described as one of the most perceptive of all animals, research on equine sensory abilities is limited and has mainly focused on hearing and vision. Although olfaction, or the sense of smell, has only been studied sparsely, the highly developed and sophisticated anatomy of the olfactory system in the horse with its long nose,

Kirby Gray of Elkhorn came up a little short on a breakaway roping run.

MHSRA welcoming fifth graders to its membership

Boys and girls in this grade will be able to compete in any of the Junior High (JH) Division events

A younger age group is joining the youth rodeo family, with fifth graders being admitted for the first time. The National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA), along with its affiliates including Manitoba will be welcoming the younger students to the Junior High Division as the 2021-22 competition dawns.  The change in age was brought forth

Sensitivity to touch, swelling and heat in the area of the withers would clearly indicate a problem with the withers, however, more subtle changes must also be observed.

Reading the withers

Horse Health: This complex structure can reveal a lot about a horse’s soundness

The comfort and health of the horse’s withers is a central key to the horse’s performance and soundness. The withers are defined as the part of the spinal column that lies in between the animal’s shoulder blades and anatomically includes the third to 11th thoracic vertebrae. Collectively these vertebra project upwards into an arch. Their

Hay West (and East) ride again

Hay West (and East) ride again

A triad of programs are continuing a longtime legacy of farmers aiding farmers

When the pandemic shut down Victoria’s tourist industry, B.C. farmer Bryce Rashleigh lost the bulk of his hay customers: carriage horses that carted tourists around the coastal city. This summer, as Prairie cattle producers languished in drought, Rashleigh — who farms in Saanichton on Vancouver Island — was near broke and “swimming in round bales.”

In general, research indicates that soybean forage should not make up more than 50 per cent of the total diet.

Drought-stressed soybeans offer forage options

Don’t wait too long to make the decision as feed quality is declining daily

Although many areas across the region have received much-needed moisture recently, the ongoing drought and lack of forage options for beef producers is still a concern. “One potential forage source is drought-stressed soybeans that can be grazed or harvested for hay or silage,” says Janna Block, North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension livestock systems specialist at

manitoba agrirecovery

Manitoba farm groups happy with AgriRecovery program details

AID | $155 million in relief measures hits the biggest hurts, but how does it stack up against groups’ initial asks? KAP, Manitoba Beef Producers and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba said they were pleased with AgriRecovery drought relief measures announced August 31. “We thank both levels of government for recognizing the severity of the disaster and enacting

Bull riders struggled to stay aboard their full eight seconds in the arena, which had been turned to mud by a day of rain.

PHOTOS: Rodeo and rain stage a comeback

Grunthal hosted its first rodeo since the pandemic cancelled events in 2020

Two things that have been rare all summer returned to Grunthal in August: rodeo and rain. The small town in southeastern Manitoba usually hosts three rodeos per year — a spring rodeo, a fall rodeo during its Hanover Ag Fair, and a high school rodeo. All three were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

File photo of a roundworm larva. (Dotana/iStock/Getty Images)

Health Canada warns people not to take livestock dewormers

No evidence that drug is effective against COVID-19

“Concerning reports” of people in Canada seeking out veterinary-grade dewormers for personal use have led Health Canada to formally advise against doing so. News reports in Western Canada in the past week have described increased demand from non-farming consumers for veterinary-grade ivermectin, whether at livestock supply retailers or online. While ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug

Nova Scotia Agriculture Minister Greg Morrow. (

Rookie Nova Scotia MLA named agriculture minister

Greg Morrow sworn in Tuesday

A radio news director from eastern Nova Scotia has been tapped as the provincial agriculture minister for incoming Premier Tim Houston’s Progressive Conservatives. Greg Morrow, the new MLA for Guysborough-Tracadie, was sworn in Tuesday along with the other members of Houston’s 19-member cabinet. Houston’s Tories ousted Iain Rankin’s Liberal government in the Aug. 17 provincial

As heat stress progresses into heat exhaustion the core body temperature begins to rise and physiological symptoms of distress begin to appear.

Taking care of horses during hot weather

Horse Health: You can help your horse beat the heat with a few simple steps

Extreme bouts of hot weather are particularly stressful for horses and for some individuals it is even more stressful than extreme bouts of cold weather. Thus it becomes particularly important to identify the individual horses that are at a greater risk for heat stress and what factors can provide extra care for them when necessary.