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Comment: The Great Protein War of 2019

Some restaurant chains are offering non-meat burgers, while others double down on beef

The great “protein war” is heating up as several major restaurant chains are either embracing the plant-based movement while others firmly position themselves as guardians of the mighty meat eater. It’s getting confusing with all these announcements, hard to keep track. A&W, Canada’s first Beyond Meat ambassador, started it all a little over 12 months […] Read more

Comment: Food, technology and the election

Canadian agriculture can’t become a political football — it’s too important for that

We love technology. Apple brings out a new cellphone and there are lineups around the block. We are talking to our own houses these days as our homes become “smart.” And our houses are talking back (I think the Irish Rovers had a song about that). Yet, when it comes to technology and agriculture, the […] Read more

Editor’s Take: A camera in every (barn) corner

Sir Paul McCartney, of pop music fame, once famously observed, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Built into this statement is the assumption that most people are too squeamish to look what they eat in the eye, and there is a grain of truth there. Most people prefer to only meet their […] Read more

Editor’s Take: Productivity potential

A recent agriculture report from the Royal Bank of Canada paints a picture of a sector with big opportunities and big challenges. Farmer 4.0: How the coming skills revolution can transform agriculture is all-in on the concept of farms thriving in the digital age. It paints a picture of autonomous equipment, sensor-driven agronomy and other […] Read more