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Editor’s Take: Crop protection under fire

It’s shaping up to be a tough year on the crop-protection front. I don’t mean pests, diseases and weeds. For any producer, those are perennial challenges that will wax and wane with weather and pest pressure. I speak instead of the regulatory and legal fronts, where as you will read in our May 27 issue,

In a recent post-election report, the NDP says it failed to fully deal with changes in the agriculture sector and the challenges facing rural communities.

Comment: NDP will need to do more to win favour in rural ridings

After attending enough political conventions, they all start blurring together a bit. Some memories stand out, though. One is being at a Saskatchewan NDP convention in Saskatoon (2016, I think) and seeing a rural member talking about agricultural policy. In the member’s mind, there wasn’t much of any agricultural policy in the Saskatchewan NDP’s playbook

On the left, a traditional beef hamburger. On the right, its plant-based twin. What vegetable proteins and more plant-based products have brought is more protein plurality.

Comment: Not all proteins are created equal

Beef is in the crosshairs, but it can be a very important part of agricultural sustainability

Protein wars have taken a back seat to the pandemic since March 2020. Most of the attention was obviously given to the virus, variants, vaccines and how to keep safe. Makes sense. But since we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, proteins appear to be back in the spotlight. Recently the

Comment: Education centralization bad for rural Manitoba

Without a school, businesses begin to close and towns and villages disappear

As farmers and rural Manitobans, we should all be concerned about the centralization of power proposed as part of the Education Modernization Act. Bill 64 will centralize provincial control over education by eliminating 37 democratically elected school boards and replacing them with a single provincial education authority. This education authority will be appointed by the

Editor’s Take: Auto insurance in Manitoba is a red tape road

Every spring it seems like it’s Autopac season here in Manitoba. There’s a perpetual lineup at the local agencies as classic cars, motorcycles, recreation vehicles and farm trucks hit the road again for another year. It makes no sense whatsoever that we’re all required to attend, in person, at an office of an insurance broker,

Mice can cause significant damage to on-farm grain storage, with contamination of grain with mouse droppings even leading to rejection by grain distributors and exporters.

Comment: ‘No one ever forgets living through a mouse plague’

The dystopia facing Australian rural communities, explained by an expert

Imagine constantly living with mice. Every time you open a cupboard to get linen, clothes or food, mice have been or are still there. When you go to sleep they run across your bed and, in the morning, your first job is to empty traps filled with dead mice. And the stench of dead mice

Animal care in modern hog production does not stop at codes of practice and regulatory enforcement. There is also verification.

Comment: Agriculture, the environment, and animal care

Pork producers have stringent care standards and deserve protection from intruders

Legislation brought forward by the provincial government has sparked debate about agriculture in Manitoba. The Animal Diseases Amendment Act has drawn comments about environmental impact and animal care. In the past, farmers produced a little of everything. A few animals, a bit of grain, produced with minimal inputs. Some nostalgically view this bygone era as

Operating in a comparatively more theatrical political environment than Canada, U.S. President Joe Biden is tasked with convincing producers he does not plan on banning hamburgers.

Opinion: U.S., Canada have same challenge in selling green policies to producers

Farmers aren’t typically core constituents of Liberals or Democrats

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are fighting the same fight in trying to get farmers on board with ambitious climate plans. Industry groups and associations in both countries will say already efforts are being made to reduce emissions, but critics say otherwise. The U.S. administration’s new, unprecedented dedication to fighting climate change

Editor’s Take: Rain and high prices

A now-retired farmer friend says he defines a happy coincidence as when high prices and a big crop happen at the same time. But he also ruefully admits it would probably just as well be described as a ‘bloody miracle.’ He farmed more than 50 years and, during a recent text exchange, conceded that, “I

Comment: Tiny nanotechnologies are poised to have a huge impact on agriculture

Comment: Tiny nanotechnologies are poised to have a huge impact on agriculture

Tiny particles are going to be part of a big wave in the future of farming

Science is about big ideas that change the world. But sometimes, big impacts come from the tiniest of objects. Nanotechnology might sound like science fiction, but it represents technologies that have been developed for decades. Nanotechnological approaches have found real-world applications in a wide range of areas, from composite materials in textiles to agriculture. Agriculture