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A ‘toast’ to spring at the local café

The Jacksons from the April 4, 2019 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

Andrew Jackson pulled his pickup truck into the last empty parking spot in front of the café and turned off the engine. He took off his sunglasses and laid them carefully on the dashboard, then opened the door and stepped out onto the street. A grey Chevy Silverado sped by and honked twice, once in […] Read more

Study says excess phosphorus may reduce crop yields

Results suggest that excess levels can affect soil microbes

Excessive phosphorus fertilizer may do more harm than good for crop yields, say scientists at Penn State University. In a study published in Phytobiomes Journal, a team led by Terrence Bell and Jenny Kao-Kniffin found that soil treated with high amounts of phosphate can result in poorer plant performance and that it appears the soil […] Read more

Where’s your food thermometer?

If you don’t have this essential piece of kitchen equipment, you need to get one

Hi, I’m Julie. What’s your name?” I asked the woman sitting at the table at a food safety conference. She responded with her name and place of work, and asked me where I work. “I work at North Dakota State University,” I replied. “I went to college there,” she said enthusiastically. “What was your major?” […] Read more

Adding colour indoors with dragon wing begonias

Once these plants start to bloom they will continue right into spring

I am currently enjoying a great display of begonia blooms in my sunroom and this will continue right into spring. They do not begin their winter indoors by producing any colour however, as I usually just bring in cuttings or small offshoots from the parent plants, and these take time to develop attractive foliage or […] Read more

Be prepared for flooding this year

Planning is a vital part of fighting the flood water

“Knowing what to do will help keep you and your family from panicking and having to make last-minute decisions,” says Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension agricultural engineer and flooding expert, when referring to the threat of flooding. NDSU Extension has several resources to help you prepare for a flood. Visit the NDSU Extension’s […] Read more

When you needed a hammer and nails to load a car

Until the 1970s, all grain was shipped in boxcars which needed a wooden door

Copies of photos donated by the Dickson and Henderson families of Boissevain have proven a treasure trove for the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. This photo depicts a portable elevator filling a CPR wooden boxcar, probably sometime in the 1930s. The man in the photo cannot be identified — it’s believed he is not a member of […] Read more

Proven results! with Chipman seed treatments

Our History: March 1964

Mergamma and Agrosol seed treatment liquid were offered in glass bottles in this ad in our March 12, 1964 issue. A front-page story said attendees at the annual meeting of the Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Seed Growers Association heard that Canadian farmers could seriously hurt their chances in the export market if supplies of […] Read more

Russell veterinarian also a practising farrier

Dr. Cindy Lukianchuk has passion for podiatry in the horse world from a multi-model approach

Problem solving and hard work is how Dr. Cindy Lukianchuk, a veterinarian at the Russell & District Veterinary Clinic, sums up what travelling to farms raising cattle, bison or horses within the Parkland region means to her. The 2015 graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine began searching for a job while attending farrier […] Read more

Still swimming after 50 years on ice

Ram sperm frozen in 1968 successfully used to impregnate 34 ewes

Semen stored since 1968 in a laboratory in Sydney, Australia has been defrosted and successfully used to impregnate 34 Merino ewes, with the resulting live birth rate as high as sperm frozen for just 12 months. “This demonstrates the clear viability of long-term frozen storage of semen. The results show that fertility is maintained despite […] Read more

PHOTOS: This Old Elevator: March 2019

The Manitoba Historical Society wants to gather information about all the grain elevators in Manitoba

In the 1950s, there were over 700 grain elevators in Manitoba. Today, there are fewer than 200. You can help to preserve the legacy of these disappearing “Prairie sentinels.” The Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) is gathering information about all elevators that ever stood in Manitoba, regardless of their present status. Collaborating with the Manitoba Co-operator it is supplying these […] Read more

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