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Researchers create algorithm to predict PEDv outbreaks

The high-tech approach already has an 80 per cent accuracy rate

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed an algorithm that could give pig producers advance notice of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) outbreaks. The proof-of-concept algorithm has potential for use in real-time prediction of other disease outbreaks in food animals. PEDv is a virus that causes high mortality rates in preweaned piglets. The virus […] Read more

New ‘heliport’ site begins operations at Portage la Prairie

This is the first site approved by Transport Canada outside Winnipeg. Ste. Anne’s Hospital is also awaiting approval of a newly constructed site

Every minute matters when a life is in danger, and with a new ‘heliport’ becoming operational this month at the Portage la Prairie District General Hospital, critical time will be saved during emergency response efforts. Why it matters: Cutting down transport times of critically ill or injured patients can save a life. The hospital’s newly […] Read more

Eat more vegetables despite rising prices

You can take steps to eat a better diet while keeping costs down

Eat more vegetables. If you’re looking for one piece of advice for improving your eating habits in 2019, this is it. Look at any food guide across the globe, including the just-released Canadian one, ask any health professional, research recommendations from any chronic disease organization and you’ll find they all recommend eating more vegetables for […] Read more

Looking for a low-maintenance indoor plant?

Succulents have the ability to hold large amounts of water in their tissues

Several of my gardening friends are very knowledgeable about plant classification and their Latin names and can identify the family name. This doesn’t interest me much but I do use this information quite frequently such as when researching a plant such as a succulent. Succulent is a term applied to plants which have the ability […] Read more

PHOTOS: This Old Elevator: January 2019

The Manitoba Historical Society wants to gather information about all the grain elevators in Manitoba

In the 1950s, there were over 700 grain elevators in Manitoba. Today, there are fewer than 200. You can help to preserve the legacy of these disappearing “Prairie sentinels.” The Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) is gathering information about all elevators that ever stood in Manitoba, regardless of their present status. Collaborating with the Manitoba Co-operator it is supplying these […] Read more

Five generations strong: Putting success into farm succession

Hilton Ventures has grown by leaps and bounds but the greatest accomplishment is bringing in the next generation

By virtually any measure, the Hilton family is successful. Over the past three decades, the family has expanded its Strathmore, Alta.-area operation from just over 2,800 acres to around 13,000, diversified crop production, and started a successful malting and brewing company that complements the core farm business. As well, family members have taken leadership roles […] Read more

Cool deals on refrigerators

Our History: January 1954

Electricity was still a novelty for some farms in 1954, and the Manitoba Power Commission — later Manitoba Hydro — was looking to encourage consumption by advertising appliances. This Leonard model refrigerator, trimmed in gold and green, was available for $279.50, or $2,627 in 2019 dollars. In news for that issue, officials of the Manitoba […] Read more

cartoon image of a family seated at a table

Annual meeting comes to order, sans snacks

The Jacksons from the January 24, 2019 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

I would like to call the annual meeting of Jackson Enterprises to order.” Andrew Jackson spoke from his chair at the end of the table. “That means sit down, Jennifer,” he added. “I’m just getting myself some coffee,” said Jennifer. “Otherwise I’ll just fall asleep.” “You know if you fall asleep we’ll vote you out […] Read more

Remembering the school inspector

Twice-a-year visits to the one-room school made for an eventful time

If questioned about a “school inspector,” today’s students might assume that a health and safety inspection was the topic. But in the days of the one-room rural school, a visit by the school inspector was viewed as an important event. As a student in the 1950s and ’60s — before the amalgamation of most rural […] Read more

Responsible innovation key to ‘smart farming’

Researchers urge counting all the benefits and costs of new technology

Responsible innovation that considers the wider impacts on society is key to smart farming, according to researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Agriculture is undergoing a technology revolution supported by policy-makers around the world. While smart technologies will play an important role in achieving improved productivity, critics have suggested that consideration of the […] Read more

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