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Personalized Gift Cards

Gift cards instead of actual presents seem to be gaining in popularity as they are less expensive to mail and provide the recipients with freedom of choice. To add a personal touch, wrap the gift cards so as to give a hint as to the contents. To do so, you will need to save the

Prairie Farm Groups Wrestle With Attracting New Producers

“We need to see profitability, first and foremost.” – GREG MARSHALL, APAS How you gonna get ’em back to the farm? Adequate government programs and a better public image of agriculture would help a lot, say the Prairie provinces’ three major farm groups. Support for young and beginning farmers was a major subject at an

Make Your Own Gift Wrap

Summer, you’ve got to love it. There’s warm weather, barbecues and birthday parties, lots of birthday parties. I’m always needing to buy yet another supply of wrapping paper but with everybody cutting back on spending, a person has to turn up their inner creativity to find ways to economize. I decided to make my own